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User favourites sharing service StumbleUpon has launched the new venture mashup called “StumpleVideo“. This is a smart service which does’nt host even a single video, but certainly decides which video suits your taste.

If you have’nt heard of Stumble Upon till now, you better go and install thier famous Stumble Toolbar and enjoy the most favourite web sites of the Internet world.

Stumble Video does a collective information gathering and polling on various Videos (Google and Youtube etc) to provide top ranked videos all the time to the customer.

All the videos are sorted in to categories called “Channels”. This makes StumbleVideo as a mini TV online to watch cool videos in one go with out searching for them. Very neat except the color they have chosen for website….I hardly can see anything on my screen. 😦

More coverage @ Techmeme, TailRank

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2 Responses to Stumble at Videos now

  1. matthew says:

    We would like to inform you that your blog has now been added to the Megite index. We kindly invite you to explore Megite’s latest version at

  2. Savvy? says:

    Thanks a lot matthew. Megite looks cool. I will explore more on this for sure.

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