Digg’s UX was now Improved (a LOT!)

Digg.com has got a major revamp in UI and UX (User eXperience).The first thing you would observe is the “Cleaner” interface of the website. The stories area was now moved to left hand side and makes the web site more readable and cleaner.

Some of the changes that made digg.com made looks cleaner..(more at Kevin’s Blog).

Navigation : This is a major change in the websites navigation. The left side navigation now turned in to a top, horiantal multi level panel navigation which makes more sense to the reader. Digg.com has also added two new sections for Videos and Podcasts. The videos section seems to be tough compitition for StumbleVideo (In looks and Stuff too).

Popular Content : Digg.com content is now shown along with time since when it was made popular and made it on to digg.com home page. This gives the sense of freshness and helps the user to choose the required content.

A new panel called “Top 10 in all Topics” has been added to the home page now. This is probably to drive traffic even on to all the topics and increase the traffic on digg.com (I feel most of the Digg.com users visit the home page and close the window…). Right beneath this panel, Kevin has got some space to add a new Google Ad panel.

Cloud View :This  is still in beta (upcoming) stage. So right now I can see an empty page when I clicked on this option. But this seems to be an interesting feature and possibly could gives a meme graph of what’s happening on Digg.com at that second.

Digg Video:This will be the most envious section for Google. Because, they could’nt come up with this kind of cool interface to create a social favourite video site even after the huge buy of YouTube. This is basically a simple video rating system based on Digg.com dugg system. This can be the next big asset of Digg.com for sure.

Digg Podcasts: A big directory of podcast publishers. Digg.com has provided an inbuild audio/video player, so that you dont have to leave the site at all.

Now, Digg is going make a big difference compared to Slashdot. This leap can take digg miles apart in the race for sure.

Now it’s time for Scobliezer to re-consider digg.com back in his feedroll. 🙂

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