The Best Apps of 2006 Index

Believe it or not !, the year 2006 is an “Applications Year” for me. Lots of innovation poured in to small but nifty tools, and enterprise level applications too. Everyone would agree that Web 2.0 revolution has got it’s footmark on this too. Lots of web based applications started beating the traditional desktop applications. This trend is surely a new wave and a warning for enterprise desktop software makes and OS makers. They have to revamp thier homes a big way. LifeHacker has posted “The Best Apps of 2006 list“. I don’t anyone else could make a better decision than LifeHacker on application front in deciding such a list. Since 1 year my life was hacked by Lifehacker blog 🙂

  • Interestingly Windows Vista has got its place in the list (despite of the delay and critisism around).

Two google products “calendar and reader” also got a place. 🙂

Enjoy the World Applications, They make your life more meaningful on the stupid computer.

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