DivShare, Share the files the way you wanted

Finally I found this cool online drive which gives me unlimited storage to upload my files, albums at a super fast speed with no expiration set for any file.

DivShare, a new web 2.0 application is online now to offer you a high quality online storage and sharing platform. The user interface was very cool and simple to understand with out any hassles. Except the upload limit of 100MB per upload, there are absolutely zero restrictions applicable on this application. That’s truly a “WOW”.

There are basically 3 steps in DivShare

01. Select a file :  Select one or multiple files (Right now there is no way you can select more than 5 files, but we can expect this feature in future :-))

02. Upload is done ! : Once you click Upload button, the site grabs your files as fast as it can and creates a shared URL as shown below. You can also see “More Options” which gives you various types of links you can use instantaneously.

03. The Dashboard : This makes the divShare very much different than other storage providers such as Omnidrive etc. You can track your download count. You can even co-brand your downloads page, thus makes it easy to create a download gallery for you own site. Truly fantastic !

This application is simple but powerful and faster. I hope they will be adding few more cool features to this application to make the storage world more competitive and sweet for consumer like “you” and “me”.

Overall rating : starstarstarstar

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