Get Vista style Start menu on Windows XP

Who doesn’t like the cool Windows Vista Start menu? I am very much addicted to my vista Start menu these days, and almost forgotten the old pal “Windows + R”  keystroke. But how can we get this cool feature on Windows XP, the most favourite operating system for many users.

To address this demand, some cool guy has developed this Vista Start menu emulator for Windows XP.

Currently this cool utlity is under development and RC1 is available for Download.


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5 Responses to Get Vista style Start menu on Windows XP

  1. cyrus says:

    It’s not replace the exisiting xp start menu, just emulated it. I have try it, and it is not good, there was many error there, I dissapointed, I hope the next version will replace the default start menu like Vista Start Menu

  2. GeeQ says:

    Hi there,

    i started this project for my own fun… i just published it on some forums, and now i saw a lots of sites talking bout it…

    The RC2 version will be released in the next few days, try it if you want to, you’ll find it on the website…

    Have a nice day;

  3. Unknown says:

    I think program is great but I like to see the program work with Windows blinds. Other then that the program is great for windows XP. And thanks!

  4. GeeQ says:

    Check out the final build… it’s done

  5. akram says:

    thank you very very match

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