Microsoft tops WSJ’s World’s Best Reputations

Johnson & Johnson has lost it’s first place as a World’s most corporate reputation to Microsoft Corporation according to the latest survey done by Harris Interactive Inc for Wall Street Journal

A quick look at summary (Via Wall Street Journal)

According to WSJ, Mr. Bill Gate’s volunteer services to the man kind has boosted the public opinion of Microsoft.

Read the story @ WSJ ^Here^

and the complete survey details ^Here^


Save any Online Video using No Software

Now we have got the big arms of Web 2.0 spreading in to every part of media including home videos, personal videos, movies …Innovation brings new set of problems in our life…and solutions too. Now my problem is “How to save online streaming videos?”

I have posted about YouTube downloader earlier in my blog, which can save the streaming videos right from YouTube. Now I got a bettet utility in my hand to save these videos from any streaming video site. takes a simple streaming video URL and gives you the requested download in next 30 secs readily available for you. Isn’t cool ? 🙂

Check and enjoy watching any movie at your own time on a weekend.

Test Drive A Windows Vista Online

Now we can test drive a Windows Vista online @  This site gives you hosted experience per each feature in Windows Vista completely online. Each session gets 1 GB RAM memroy to play with the new generation OS.

ISRO has launched the first Re-Entry PSLV

Wow, what a good news for Indians :-). Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully launched it’s first Re-Entry model Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C7 in to a 637 km high polar orbit at today morning 9:30 am IST .

PSLV-C7 is a milestone for ISRO. With this launch India has become the 4th country to launch Re-Entry Space Capsule experiment. PSLV – C7 was launched with a payload of 1292 Kg (4 satellites).

According to ISRO Press news : “The 680 kg main payload, CARTOSAT-2, mounted over DLA, was the first satellite to be injected into orbit at 981.3 sec after lift-off at an altitude of 639 km. About 45 sec later, DLA with the 6 kg PEHUENSAT-1 mounted on it, was separated. 120 sec later, the 550 kg Space capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE-1) mounted inside DLA was separated and finally, 190 sec later, the 56 kg LAPAN-TUBSAT, mounted on the equipment bay of PSLV fourth stage was separated.

The four satellites have been placed in a polar orbit at an altitude of 637 km with an inclination of 97.9 deg with respect to the equator. The initial signals indicate their normal health.”

Read more here

iTasveer : India’s First Online Photo Priniting Shop has become India’s first online photo printing shop. I was bit confused with the name itasveer and even struggled to pronounce the word. Later I found the actual meaning of word and read it as “i Tasveer“.As per my understanding i denotes India and “Tasveer (तस्वीर in Hindi)” means “Photo”. 🙂

I have tried printing some of my best photos using this website. I must say, they do a very good job in printing and delivery. Quality photo printing and prompt delivery to your door steps.

iTasveer supports uploading full resolution images to the site as albums and print the chosen sets. You can also share your albums in full resolution, allowing others to print your photos as well (Optional).

Windows Vista Benefit : There is a surprising benefit if you register your account with using Windows Vista. is providing Photo printing services for Windows Vista. If you use these features, You will get first 10 prints absolutely for free of cost 🙂

Procedure to register your account from Windows Vista

01. Open Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista

02. Select all the photos you want to print (This is optional)

03. Select “Order Prints” from Print menu.

04. You will be shown a dialog where you can select a print company. Select it and Click on “Send Pictures“.

05. A screen with options to choose size and number of prints will be shown to you. Ignore it and click on “Register” link.

06. Complete the Registration process, and order the first 10 prints from the website for free of cost.

You will definetely start sending photos there after to iTasveer, once you recieve the first shipment. Kudos to

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Web 2.0 ? Where can I find it?

Web Two Point Ohhhh

🙂 …let’s hope 2007 brings out the real web 2.0 if it exists…

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