iTasveer : India’s First Online Photo Priniting Shop has become India’s first online photo printing shop. I was bit confused with the name itasveer and even struggled to pronounce the word. Later I found the actual meaning of word and read it as “i Tasveer“.As per my understanding i denotes India and “Tasveer (तस्वीर in Hindi)” means “Photo”. 🙂

I have tried printing some of my best photos using this website. I must say, they do a very good job in printing and delivery. Quality photo printing and prompt delivery to your door steps.

iTasveer supports uploading full resolution images to the site as albums and print the chosen sets. You can also share your albums in full resolution, allowing others to print your photos as well (Optional).

Windows Vista Benefit : There is a surprising benefit if you register your account with using Windows Vista. is providing Photo printing services for Windows Vista. If you use these features, You will get first 10 prints absolutely for free of cost 🙂

Procedure to register your account from Windows Vista

01. Open Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista

02. Select all the photos you want to print (This is optional)

03. Select “Order Prints” from Print menu.

04. You will be shown a dialog where you can select a print company. Select it and Click on “Send Pictures“.

05. A screen with options to choose size and number of prints will be shown to you. Ignore it and click on “Register” link.

06. Complete the Registration process, and order the first 10 prints from the website for free of cost.

You will definetely start sending photos there after to iTasveer, once you recieve the first shipment. Kudos to

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6 Responses to iTasveer : India’s First Online Photo Priniting Shop

  1. jaypullur says:

    Recommend Web API (maybe REST). Lots of photosites already are capturing users for photo-sharing, maybe they can interface and give traffic to you.

  2. Ramesh says:

    Excellent tip! However, in my system iTasveer provider does not appear in the listing. What am I missing? I’m from Chennai, BTW.

  3. Ashish says:

    Hi. This is Ashish from itasveer. Thanks for the review man, its very encouraging. Though we can’t stake claim to being the first 🙂 – that would be Kodak Gallery. Also, we havent put any one specific meaning to the i in itasveer, but I’d say India is a very good choice.

  4. GizmoGuy says:

    Kodak Gallery is charging a mammoth amount of 10 Rs per copy. I will stick to iTasveer.

  5. Ashish says:

    Hi Ramesh, forgive me for the belated reply. You need to set up your location as India. Go To Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options >> Location.

  6. says:

    Hi Ashish, congratulation for a brilliant site,

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