Save any Online Video using No Software

Now we have got the big arms of Web 2.0 spreading in to every part of media including home videos, personal videos, movies …Innovation brings new set of problems in our life…and solutions too. Now my problem is “How to save online streaming videos?”

I have posted about YouTube downloader earlier in my blog, which can save the streaming videos right from YouTube. Now I got a bettet utility in my hand to save these videos from any streaming video site. takes a simple streaming video URL and gives you the requested download in next 30 secs readily available for you. Isn’t cool ? 🙂

Check and enjoy watching any movie at your own time on a weekend.


5 Responses to Save any Online Video using No Software

  1. skykid says:

    While KeepVid is a good site there is one even better since it even converts the video files from the flv format that video sharing sites use to avi , mp4 …etc.

    Check it out :



  2. vbsowmya says:

    Thanks for the info. This blog has been really helpful for me for different things 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    Yes, Yes, but i wanna save some so i can put them on windoes movie maker WITHOUT downloading anything!! :(:(

  4. Daniel says:

    Yes, yes, me again. i did a mistake i was meant to say
    Windows, not windoes

  5. Telugodu says:

    Also try Download the app and give the Youtube URL and voila you got the video.
    The advantage is it automatically converts the .flv to many formats like mpeg,avi etc.
    Cool tool.

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