Hum your tune and search for the song…

I used to have a dream to have a gadget in hand (which I had recently discussed with one of my friends) where I can hum a bit from my favorite music. I want my little gadget to search the local on demand FM station database for that bit and get the streaming music back to my device. Everything in less than 10 seconds. Isn’t is a cool idea ? 🙂 But I had to convince myself that the Speech Recognition technology is still in labs of many universities, giant organizations like MSR labs and It is still not very mature enough to normalize millions of voices & accents around this world in to a standard voice protocol. That’s a bitter fact 😦

Today I accidentally found this cool site which does a smart search for music by taking your voice input (humming bit) and will get back to you with the song you wanted to listen 🙂 …It’s a true WoW stuff. Click the below image to enjoy this.

Search music by Voice


One Response to Hum your tune and search for the song…

  1. Subin says:

    Thanks Savvy.. This was something I also was looking for, Googled and reached this place… I got what i wanted..
    The first one in the rsults was what I was looking for.

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