How to use IE 7 as the Best RSS Reader

I have used plenty of RSS Readers including some of the best Online RSS readers like Google Reader. But I had never got a point where I could stick to one particular RSS reader which can make my life easier by providing everything in one place. I decided to step back and look at Browsers as main stream RSS readers for me. I have tried to use Internet Explorer 7 as my RSS reader and I found it as a very cool and light weight RSS reader with few add-ins installed.

Let’s see what would anyone expect from a typical RSS reader…

01. Reading feeds in rich text format (like a news paper)

02. Aggregation & Searchable RSS Information

03. Feed-wise folders

04. New feed alerts

Now let’s try to make use of all these features with in Internet Explorer 7.

1. IE 7 by default renders the RSS in rich format including images and links. But it doesn’t have a feature to view all the feeds on the same page for a particular day. To get this feature in IE 7, you will have to install a small add-in for IE7’s RSS reader.

 Install Feed Plus

Feed Plus does many cool things like Aggregating your feeds at folder level and displaying it as a single feed in browser. It also installs a cool notification script that alerts you whenever you get a new item in subscribed RSS feeds.

02. Aggregation at all folder’s level and each folder level.

You can opt for aggregation at multiple levels. This enables to read all the feeds related one particular stream in one go.


Search :  IE7 comes with a “Search As You Type” feature for RSS reader, which is the best form of performing a  search on content. It filters out the feed items in the context based on the keyword you type on the fly.

3. Feeds as Folders

Now the big problem is : How can I read feed wise items in my aggregated content? Feed Plus has got answer for that too. It creates all the Feeds as Categories with in Aggregation, so that you can easily navigate to any feed content.


4. Feed Plus Alerts (Near System Tray)

This is the coolest part of Feed Plus. It alerts you for each feed that you subscribed based on the interval that you set.


Extra Effect : So what else a typical, light weight RSS reader would need to have? Hmm…a live bookmark system? Let’s see if we can make it work in IE 7 too…

Install this nifty cool tool called Feed Folder. This tool will make all the RSS feeds as Live Bookmarks in your browser. Now you can simply browse through feeds as you do with your normal favorites.

Feed Folder in action


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5 Responses to How to use IE 7 as the Best RSS Reader

  1. PK says:

    I am not mush of a tech guy here but IE7 is the reason why I got back to internet explorer from firefox. I like the way IE7 handles RSS and tabs better than firefox.

  2. mozey says:

    you know what!!!, SURE, it maybe the best RSS reader out there!. I”m not adminiting it, i’m mearly casting valid option, HOWEVER. I just hate Microsoft!, i was hurt and frustrated by thier products WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much in the past. And right now,,, its personal.

    A techi is NOT suppose to be emotional and i know this!. But seriously!, god bless the free country we live in (canada), which will allow me tyo voice my openion based on NO valid reason, and still be accepted.

    Here is my personal email signature


  3. mozey says:

    ma bad, spelling errors:
    I’m not adminting it, i’mi mearly casting valid option
    i’m not admiting it, i’m mearly casting it as a valid option

  4. pradeepc says:

    I think an online reader would be a better option than a desktop one. I use Google Reader

  5. SavvyGuy says:

    Yes pradeep, but how can you use google reader in offline scenarios until unless you use something like Dojo offline kit 🙂

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