Digg effect on Yahoo….It’s Bad !

Yahoo Auto Suggestion’s new design is creating ripple through the aggressive unmanaged community of Digg.com for all of it’s similarities with Digg.com design. They call it as Shameless ! God ! what’s happening to these crowds? Yahoo even did mentioned that they wanted to go with Digg style of voting for some purpose in their blog. That was really a good thing they did. There is no rule that someone should not follow the way you do things…There is no patent filed for the GREAT style of digg.com as well or that is not the style of century also. Well if we don’t like digg to be mentioned on yahoo, why the hell every blog and site in this world should say “Digg This” and “Digg that?” Let’s Stop it !

Once again Digg.com community has proven that it has major number kids and unprofessional cowards by making/defacing Yahoo auto’s page as shown below…


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