Tracking multiple Time Zones from System Tray

Many times we struggle to track multiple timezones across globe, especially when there are lot of other side effects attached to that tracking such as Day Light Savings adjustments etc. But tracking multiple time zones has become an important part in almost all the people who work with business across globe.

First thing you need to learn is the jargon of time zones…

EST, EDT US Eastern Time New York
CST, CDT US Central Time Chicago
MST, MDT US Mountain Time Denver
PST, PDT US Pacific Time Los Angeles
BST British Summer Time London
CET, CEST Central Europe Time Paris
EET, EEST Eastern Europe Time Athens
IST Indian Standard Time Hyderabad

Now….There are multiple ways you can track time across globe…

01. The Web Way..

There are many cool web sites, where you can choose and track your time effectively. These web sites will take care of syncing with world time accurately for you including day light savings.

 can show you a list of all important cities and time at that particular instance of your visit. Alternatively you can a cool meeting planner too.

World Time Zone Map shows you a map of important places around globe along with current time.

GChart (what a weird name…) provides you a fantastic way to check the time of any location on earth using a mash-up built on google maps.

02. The Desktop Way..

If you are traveling with out Internet facility, you would want a cool, nifty desktop utility to track the time across globe..Isn’t it?


Microsoft Time Zone utility provides you a way to track 5 time zones at a time right from your desktop’s system tray as shown below. This download is only available for Genuine Windows Owners. The size of the download is below 800 kb and installs smoothly. It allows you to track up to 5 cities at any time. I will update this post if I find a better tool to track time zones.

Note : Windows Vista comes with a gadget which you can use to track multiple time zones. You don’t have to install any additional software.


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