Microsoft’s Atlas and Google joins Open Ajax Alliance…So?

This could be a little news for most of the net savvys, but must be a great news for millions of web developers who work on cross platform applications and SOA.

Microsoft and Google formally joined the Open Ajax Alliance, which consists a group of vendors, OS projects and companies (around 75) using Ajax as standard application interface. This list also includes the pioneers like google, Dojo, Sun and Oracle along with Microsoft.

Read more about the formal announcement here…and here

So, the question is, how does it can help the developer community ?, which stands out the core & heart for Ajax adoption worldwide.

According to Open Ajax forum’s statement, the future looks awesome for Ajax developers…I have highlighted some of the notable things down here…

Seamless integration of multiple Ajax products and technologies within the same Web application, particularly with applications that use mashup techniques

— Greater certainty about product choices and reliability

Lower training costs, lower development costs, and faster delivery of Web 2.0 innovations due to industry adoption of common approaches that build from OpenAjax standards

— Interchangeability of Open Ajax Conformant products, such that customers can choose among multiple vendors (and change vendors in the future)

That means, now the developers will be able to use a standard set of declarative and protocol based language to talk to any web server technology. This also makes the web services interoperability much more robust and meaningful.


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