Get a 3D Desktop Manager for Windows XP

How many times we might wonder, why we have just one desktop to keep all those pesky icons and temporary files? Can’t we have many more desktops in Windows XP, so that we can manage things much better way?

Well, there is a well know solution…A Desktop Manager. Microsoft provides a small desktop manager program as part of Windows XP power toys called “Virtual Desktop Manager (exe file)”. But this is a very simplified desktop manager with very few features. How about having a 3D cube styled Desktop Manager?

A cube, which you can rotate through and see all the four desktops on the sides on cube? Coool..Isn’t it ? 🙂

Something like this (as shown below)

All you need to do is to install this cool and nifty desktop manager called “Yod’m 3D Desktop Manager”.

This Desktop manager uses DirectX 9.0 and renders 3D spaces with out any effort and with very very less memory foot print on your machine.

Once you install this tool, all you need to do press CTRL + SHIFT and press up-arrow or down-arrow to zoom in or zoom out.

To Rotate the cube and see other Desktops, just press left-arrow, right-arrow accordingly.

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One Response to Get a 3D Desktop Manager for Windows XP

  1. Ralvy says:

    Thanks for this article . .
    It works flawlesly on WIndows XP and Vista . . .

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