WTH you did on the so called "Shutdown Day" ?

So, what the hell you did on the world’s shutdown day (sounds funny…). Hmm.yes it’s the shutdown day for computers as the website shutdownday.org says.

Well, On 24th March, 2007 (IST), I DID NOT SHUT DOWN MY COMPUTER. Because I did not see any reason to do so. I do balance my life and computer better way, hence I don’t have to kick the a** of my computer.

The ShutdownDay.org web site has setup a post-event board where you can post your experience on WSD Day. Let’s see the world did on that day…

Most of the people who visited this site after March 24th, expressed that they are working on that very day 🙂

The second ranked is “interesting thing” as you see in the above table.

But overall, I feel this experiment has done nothing but a big failure. I am not sure if they shutdown the web site’s server on that very day also.

Final Verdict is…You don’t have to shutdown your computer to do something else. You just shutdown your brain and sleep to relax.

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