Screen Zoomer for Presentations

Many times, presenters encounter typical problems with audience sitting in the back seats. In many cases those audience cannot see what’s up there on the bottom of the slide or demo. They will have to literally stand up and read those portions of the presentation screen. This causes a disturbance to the flow of the presentation.

Presenters use many screen zooming tools in such cases. Windows XP comes with a Screen magnifier which was intended for Accessibility purposes. So it doesn’t serve the right purpose of a screen zoom tool for presenters at all.

Zoomit is a nifty utility written by Mark Russinovich (Winternals Software fame). It’s just 60 KB in size but has got fantastic user experience in terms of zooming the right portion with out causing confusion to presenter or audience.

As you can see in the above image, you can configure zoomit for hot keys, drawing pen and break mode as well.

Thanks to Mark for making our life easy 🙂

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3 Responses to Screen Zoomer for Presentations

  1. Veeven says:

    Great tool! It would be nice to have some pointer so we can place that pointer near that area and then zoom to that area.

  2. SavvyGuy says:

    It does :-), you can place your cursor anywhere on the screen and hit short cut key. It zooms to the area of cursor.

  3. Arné says:

    Very nice, I played around and very quick and easy to use, a pity you can’t click on buttons etc. whilst zoomed in.
    But thanks for the link.!

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