Making Fire Fox look like Internet Explorer 7+

I use IE7 most of the time when I have to go online. It’s not just because I like it very much as a browser as such but my mind just can’t believe that there is another browser “Fire Fox 2” exists at all. My bad. So I have decided to give it a try to make Fire Fox 2 look exactly like Internet Explorer 7 and deceive my brain 🙂

One thing which I like very much in IE 7 is the sleek interface and cool shady blue tabs. Fire Fox also has got nice interface, but it looks bulky and classic to me. It mimics and resembles Internet Explorer 6 to me.

I have installed the following Add-on theme for Fire Fox 2 and bingo !, I have got a cool Fire Fox windows that looks exactly like Internet Explorer 7+ :-). This theme look even more cool on any Windows Vista Ultimate Screens.

Give it a Try….

Install myFireFox

Once you install this theme, go to Tools > Add-ons > Select the theme and Click on “Use Theme”. Restart your browser.

You will see Fire Fox in new looks as shown below..



2 Responses to Making Fire Fox look like Internet Explorer 7+

  1. Sowmya says:

    I don’t mind Firefox as it is… I like it. I never realised what is it that makes me turn to IE exclusively, on my home pc. Perhaps, its the interface…anyways, That is an interesting plugin. I suppose this is not a “windows-only-plugin” right?

  2. Savvy? says:

    I don’t think mozilla themes are OS Dependant.

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