Microsoft unveiled so called "The Flash Killer"

Today, Microsoft has unveiled the much awaited, so called “The Flash Killer”. It was named as “Microsoft Silverlight”. Sliverlight was famous for it’s old name “WPF/E” which means Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere. WPF is one of the key elements in Microsoft’s new initiatives around managed API for Windows. It is a part of .NET 3.0 (formerly WinFX) now. Silverlight is Cross platform, Cross browser compatible system. That means one can develop applications using Silverlight independent of any OS or browser.



Silverlight uses .NET 3.0 runtime and works with major browsers just like any flash based applications. The big deal with Silverlight would be the powerful environment support from various languages that are supporting .NET and WPF. Using WPF’s powerful graphics and video features, developers can now develop high end media rich internet applications like this…Album Browser


Read the The Top 10 features of Microsoft’s Silverlight (infact only 9 :-))

01. With a couple of lines of code,it supports wmv playback both on windows and mac seamlessly. Supports glitch-less transition between full-screen (720p) and window mode for any video.

02. Separation of mark-up (XAML) from code. This enables both web developers and designers work in a familiar web metaphor.

03. Silverlight mark-up (XAML) is HTML integrate seamlessly. Developers can treat XAML just like any HTML tag using JavaScript.

04. XAML can be used directly with in HTML with out having to add any opaque binary content.

05. Full runtime support for Silverlight XAML.

06. Just a 1 MB download for any PC.

07. It is fast. You can view multiple videos simultaneously with out having dropped frames from videos.

08. It is server or client agnostic. You don’t need any special microsoft software needs to be installed on server. This means one can deliver Silverlight experience right from a linux server.

09. Though Silverlight uses a light-weight WPF, it is almost 100% upward compatible with WPF. This means developers can use Silverlight code right away in WPF with out any modifications at all.

10. This was not revealed yet :-)…Watch it in Mix’07


Future : Microsoft is planning to introduce these technologies as part of IIS 7 media pack plug-in future upcoming server technologies according to PCWorld. There will be releases of lot of integration and developer support for Microsoft Silverlight for web application developers such as IDEs and 3rd party integration software.


One Response to Microsoft unveiled so called "The Flash Killer"

  1. harinath says:

    Killing adobe flex is not so easy. its well proven and everywhere.

    microsoft silverlight and sun JavaFX are still under development.

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