The 100 Best Products of 2007

PC World has published the World’s 100 best products for 2007 today. They have ranked software, hardware, web sites, media technologies and services which are rising and falling in the current timeline and in future.

The Top 10 list goes like this…(via

  • Google Apps Premier Edition Review
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Review
  • Nintendo Wii Review
  • Verizon FiOS Vendor Site
  • RIM Blackberry 8800 Review
  • Parallels Desktop Review
  • Pioneer Elite 1080p PRO-FHD1
  • Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” Review
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 3 Review
  • The full list is available here.


    What makes Indians busy on Internet?

    Guess what? No..It’s not work or bollywood :-), It’s “Scrapping”. According Alexa traffic rankings for India, stands the most viewed/visited website after I would give as numero Uno, because I believe gets most of the hits due to it’s messenger traffic but towards the website.

    The Rankings are as follows…(top 10 rankings)

    01. Yahoo!

    02. (Where people fight on stupid topics for days and years)

    03. Google India


    05. Rediff

    06. MSN (

    07. (A Job’s site)

    08. YouTube

    09. Windows Live (


    Some more interesting facts seems weird to me. The trends clear shows that Indians are wasting lot of limited Internet connectivity that country has as of today. Let’s see some interesting rankings

    • 11 : – A site which is well known for sharing files on internet.
    • 14: Debonairblog – A porn blog. Posts lot of MMS videos online.
    • 16. – Similiar to RapidShare
    • 37: – Similiar to RapidShare

    Top Informational, Corporate & News Sites (India only)

    • 12: (Good to see Wikipedia growing in India)
    • 13 : (Times Of India’s web portal)
    • 15:
    • 17 : (Indian music streaming site)
    • 18: Sify (Satyam Infoway web portal)
    • 20: (Times of India’s Job’s portal)
    • 21: Monster India (Jobs portal)
    • 24: (Matrimonial)
    • 28: (Jobs)
    • 62. (Telugu News Paper)

    The top ranked sites (1-10) are showing a healthy traffic in netizens. “Search” is still stands as a hot trend in India. coming at rank 10 shows that India is stepping in to serious blogging right from masses.

    At medium level ranks, pornographic and pirated software downloads have taken most of the traffic. This is clearly showing an indication of usage of pirated software. Very bad !

    Receive your Phone calls on iPod

    Think about this; you are in the world of music on your iPod and you get an urgent call. In most of the cases, you would definitely miss that call. How about if your iPod start receiving phone calls for you and display caller ID on iPod itself?

    MYBLU enables you to address this exactly the way you want your iPod wanted to be.

    MYBLU connects via your iPod and converts your iPod in to phone call receiver cum FM Radio too. Well it doesn’t require any batteries too.

    The features are as follows

  • Receive and make calls on your iPod.
  • Plug ‘n’ Play with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.
  • Caller number ID displayed on the iPod screen.
  • Automatically pauses and resumes music durring incomming calls.
  • 15 preset and auto scan FM Radio.
  • Last 9 numbers redial from your iPod.
  • Voice dial when paired with supported Bluetooth phones.
  • Use your own headphones.
  • No need for batteries.
  • This cool gadget was priced at around 4450 Rs in India.

    If you are interested you can directly buy this gadget right from manufacturer.

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    Yahoo’s Inbox goes Unlimited

    Yahoo started rolling out “The Unlimited” storage for Yahoo inbox worldwide. Just wait and watch your inbox. When the feature is enabled for your account, the storage meter will disappear, which means there is no storage limit.

    Read more here

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    Yahoo Photos are going to be FlickrD !

    Via TechCrunch

    TechCrunch reports that Yahoo is going to announce the shutdown of their famous Yahoo Photos service which was recently refurbished in terms of UI and experience. Yahoo photos was one of the most famous photo album storage sites before the services like Sony’s ImageStation started in Web 1.0 era.

    Post acquisition of Flickr, the world’s favorite photo storage service, Yahoo has started developing features and Yahoo integration on Flickr.

    Yahoo is not going to ditch you by throwing all of your photos in the garbage. Instead, yahoo will provide a smooth transition process of moving the existing image albums to famous  social photo services like Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly with 1-Click transfer support from Yahoo photo albums itself. Yahoo will also make all the images available to be downloaded at full resolution or to be printed at discounted price to the normal price. ? India’s Google

    Google has re-furbished it’s home page API channel “ig” also known as Google home page earlier. Now they renamed it as iGoogle, sounds a bit of Apple here, but google managed to get in to the “i” space.

    But amazingly the domain iGoogle lead me to Google India home page rather than

    Google must be working on it to redirect to the relevant page soon. Goog ! are you there?

    World’s Top 500 fonts

    Via Life Hacker

    I love fonts very much, because I just can’t stick to those boring Verdana, Times New Roman etc. If you are the one who like to use cool fonts for cool stuff, you don’t have to do search all those black colored font web sites. brings you the best 500 fonts from the web based on the download count from famous websites. Download them here.



    Important Note : Download the above fonts and save them in a seperate folder for future use. DO NOT download them to your system’s fonts folder. Copying too many fonts in to fonts folder may decrease your system’s performance a lot !.