iGoogle.com ? India’s Google

Google has re-furbished it’s home page API channel “ig” also known as Google home page earlier. Now they renamed it as iGoogle, sounds a bit of Apple here, but google managed to get in to the “i” space.

But amazingly the domain iGoogle lead me to Google India home page rather than google.com/ig.

Google must be working on it to redirect to the relevant page soon. Goog ! are you there?


2 Responses to iGoogle.com ? India’s Google

  1. Hey, I think igoogle.com redirects to google.com, which in turn redirects us (those in India) to google.co.in.

    Try clicking on “Google.com in English” on the google.co.in page. Then igoogle.com takes you to the google.com.

  2. It does redirect to real iGoogle now. Don’t know when it started doing that. I checked it just now 🙂

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