Receive your Phone calls on iPod

Think about this; you are in the world of music on your iPod and you get an urgent call. In most of the cases, you would definitely miss that call. How about if your iPod start receiving phone calls for you and display caller ID on iPod itself?

MYBLU enables you to address this exactly the way you want your iPod wanted to be.

MYBLU connects via your iPod and converts your iPod in to phone call receiver cum FM Radio too. Well it doesn’t require any batteries too.

The features are as follows

  • Receive and make calls on your iPod.
  • Plug ‘n’ Play with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.
  • Caller number ID displayed on the iPod screen.
  • Automatically pauses and resumes music durring incomming calls.
  • 15 preset and auto scan FM Radio.
  • Last 9 numbers redial from your iPod.
  • Voice dial when paired with supported Bluetooth phones.
  • Use your own headphones.
  • No need for batteries.
  • This cool gadget was priced at around 4450 Rs in India.

    If you are interested you can directly buy this gadget right from manufacturer.

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