How to make Vista Windows more cool ?

I love Windows Vista’s windows for two things. No…not for that flip-3D animation. But for the those three re-designed form controls with glow on left-top corner and the stylish border of the window when you enable Aero effects. 

But by default you get a form border which is a bit thicker than anticipated for any cool window. It looks some what like this…


Don’t you think, it looks bit bold but not so soft at the edges? Well, it requires a simple plumbing to get a sleeky, thin edge shape. Let’s try to get something like this…


To get the above effect, just follow these steps…

  1. Open Start Menu
  2. Type “personalization” in search box
  3. Open Personalization Dialog
  4. Select “Window Color and Appearance”
  5. In this window, you can see “Open Classic Appearance……” link. Click that.
  6. In “Appearance settings” window, select “Advanced”.
  7. In “Advanced Appearance” Window, select the “item” dropdown and choose “Border Padding”.
  8. Make it to “2”.
  9. Close all the dialogs by clicking Ok.

Windows will take 10 seconds to adjust the borders and you get nifty cool windows ready.