Create any type of chart online absolutely for FREE

I always dreamed of having Visio as a web based tool rather than a desktop tool. Now with the power that comes with Web 2.0, we have got many options to create charts, diagrams and plans completely online with no software foot print of the desktop computer. One such web software is Best4c. I agree with you that the name is weird :-), But as of now it looks like a winner application to me. Go create charts, plans, and diagrams for free @



Zip your files online (No Software is required)

Think about this situation…

You are in an Internet cafe and working on a computer with no zipping software installed nor the installation privileges given to install any software. How do you manage to send large sized files to your friends who may not want bigger attachments in their small inboxes? provides a solution for this. You can upload a set of 3 files (2 MB is the limit per file). You can upload the files to this site and get your zip archive created on the fly and even can mail it to a friend from there…


There are lot of variants available for the same program. Some of them provides you the ability to zip up to 5 files too..

Shameless Skype Software Horror (SSSH….)

16th August : Skype is down…and everyone are panic. The world of communication is not fallen or AT & T, Virgin did not lost their satellites..but skype has got crashed data servers and the world is panic.

16th August : As a usual routine, the major OS vendor, Microsoft has issued critical security patches to their operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista worldwide. These patches are available as part of Windows Update (which can be configured not to download updates automatically by any user) worldwide. The criticality of these patches also demands a safe restart of the operating system to make sure it is secured from any malicious attacks. Every machine in this world which has been updated using windows update was restarted….

What happend to skype?

Now the funniest thing that could ever happened to a software which was made with no idea of disaster scenarios comes in to picture. The massive restart of windows machines all over the world has apparently brought down skype servers and caused a big disaster. To my understanding , Skype does closes the connections and commits the calls in shutdown process. Massive start of windows machines (skype is not sure how many ….), it has got massive log-in  requests which are enough to give their servers a sleeping pill.

Who is the culprit ?

My vote goes to Skype. Hats-off to their product engineering which has never taken such a scenario of disaster. I am wondering what the hell their testing team doing with load testing? Do they test skype servers with a 500 simultaneous login transactions? How could anyone blame someone with so much of irresponsibility at their own house? This is funnier than fun.

Windows update restarted many machines and all the other IM networks survived including AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Google and why not skype? Does skype is going to disable the auto sign-in feature in future? 🙂 are the questions now…

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