Upload images to Flickr Automatically from a Folder

Everyone loves Flickr. But unfortunately there is no simple uploading utility available for this sweet photo sharing website. Flickr does provides some utilities, but all of these tools require manual intervention to do upload.

How about a tool which can upload photos to Flickr as soon as you save a picture to your local folder? Cool ..Isn’t it ?

Foldr Monitr is a little program that sits in your system tray and does that job for you. This tool will be very useful for bloggers who want to use lot of images in their posts but lazy to upload them to flickr. I recommend this tool to be used along with a great addin called Flickr4Writer for Windows Live Writer.


Steps to configure a better photo upload and blog mechanism

01. Install Foldr Monitr and configure it for a local folder.

02. Install Flickr4Writer (You should have Windows Live Writer installed)

03. Drop all photos in to your folder…start blogging…

04. By the time you finish blogging, your pics should be ready on Flickr.

05. Use Flickr4Writer and pull all of them from Flickr and place’em in your post.

Life is now beautiful…Thanks to better software 🙂


How to increase the number of downloads in Firefox

Any standard web browser supports only 2 downloads at one time per one server. Firefox also does the same. As a result, you will not be able to download more than 2 files at once in Firefox’s download manager.

A minor tweak to Firefox’s configuration allows you to configure this number as per your requirement.

Type “about:config” (with out quotes) in Firefox’s address bar.

Firefox will display a big list of configurable values in a grid. In the Filter box of this grid, type network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server.

By default this will have a value of “2”. Change this number to your custom number as shown below.


Create a new folder with Single key stroke (Windows Only)

Think about this…You are about to create 50 new folders and copy files in to

all those folders. How would you do it?

01. Open the windows Explorer

02. RIght Click somewhere in the space

03. Select New menu

04. Select Folder menu…

05. Ooofff…name it.

What a pathetic way of doing  simple things …right? 🙂

But here is a good news…we have a cool nifty shell addin to remove the head ache stated above.

Baxbex provides a cool new folder shortcut for windows explorer shell. Once you install this, all you need to do is to hit F12 and Name your folder.


This addin works for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2K, XP and Vista too. in Windows XP, you can even see an icon for create new folder on top command bar of the explorer.

Download Baxbex’s bxNewFolder (links to an executable)

2007 Internet Quiz : What is your score?


I passed with a score of 97%. Well I missed 1, 2 questions 🙂

Check http://www.justsayhi.com for more quizzes like this.

Copy files faster than ever in your PC (Windows Only)

Everyone must have gone through atleast once through this pain. "Copying large volumes of files". Nothing can test our patience than doing this tedious task and waiting for long hours and late nights to do backups. The default copy program in windows is bit slower because of the buffer usage algorithm doesn’t care about the volume of the files or the size. It just copies the files in a single thread and pre-defined buffer for any scenario.

TeraCopy is a nifty small copy handler for Windows XP/Vista, which does a smart job of making the copy jobs much more faster and reliable.

A Free copy for Home users can be downloaded from HERE

Lets look at the cool features at a glance…

  • It uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times in file copy operations. It also does asynchronous copy between two different hard disks to make it more faster.
  • Pause and Resume file copy process anytime
  • Does not terminate the whole copy job for any error in reading files
  • Tracks the failed copy transactions
  • Completely integrates with Windows Shell and replaces the original boring copy dialog.

Sounds cool huh ?  🙂

Find shortcuts for any program

This is sweet for all keyboard champions and fans like me. I hate to use mouse for every action that I need to do in software. I enjoy the productivity gain that I get my keyboard. But how can I refer to all keyboard short cuts in one place for any application (popular) ?

Here it comes to save my time..


KeyXL is a search engine for Keyboard shortcuts. You can find full list of short cuts for many popular applications like Internet Explorer and Firefox.


01. Gmail : http://www.keyxl.com/aaa2334/41/Gmail-web-based-email-keyboard-shortcuts.htm

02. Microsoft Excel 2007 : http://www.keyxl.com/aaa33ef/136/Microsoft-Excel-Software-keyboard-shortcuts.htm

03. Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Mac) : http://www.keyxl.com/aaaaa5f/149/Adobe-Photoshop-CS-software-keyboard-shortcuts.htm

Play Safe with any EULA

EULA is probably the most commonly used piece of software products in this world. It is also the least visited, read, or used part of any software release. If this sounds like greek to you, you better know few things about EULA.

Any legal software in this world will bound to a legal software license agreement called EULA. This is nothing but End User License Agreement. This agreement is shown typically at the time of installation or first use of the software in web or desktop systems. Once the end user agrees to EULA of any software, it is assumed that he/she is well aware of the software’s behavior or side effects. So it is very important for us to read and understand the so-called EULAs. Since EULAs are made off with legal terminology, nobody really cares to read at all.

But now you can analyze any EULA quickly with EULAlyzer which will make sure there are no hidden agreements for malwares or other weird access agreements to your system.


Download EULAlyzer from Download.com

EULAlyzer comes with the following features…

  • Discover potentially hidden behavior about the software you’re going to install
  • Pick up on things you missed when reading license agreements
  • Keep a saved database of the license agreements you view
  • Instant results – super-fast analysis in just a second