Merry Christmas…The programmer’s way..

The guys @ Channel 9 (Developer Community site managed by MSDN) had found an ultra cool way to wish people a great Christmas season. Chris Anderson, Don Box and Amanda Silver presenting a special song for you to enjoy the Christmas with a spirit of Programmer.


Listen to the Song here

Song Lyrics are as follows…

Module VB
Dim myvar As Integer?() = {3 * 3}
Sub Main()
For Each i In myvar
      Console.Write("Hello VB")
With i
End With REM a language so true
If i IsNot Nothing Then
End If REM
End Sub
End Module


Personal Email Analytics, People and Attachment Management

This is one such tool, every business user would dream to have in thier Outlook. It fills most of the gaps which could be found by any serious Outlook user.

Xobni Insight is a tool/addon for Microsoft Outlook which makes it atleast 10 times productive. It does a faster email search (Can I uninstall Windows Desktop Search?), Builds a relational database on your contacts, the files and conversations. More to add…It is probably the first “Social” software built on Outlook (I don’t consider Plaxo as one :-))

Download Xobni Today to Power your Outlook

FxLabs aquires Knibble…and you get 10566 games

FxLabs has aquired Largest Online gaming portal last week. And the coolest part of deal is going to make you very happy. You get 10,566 games absolutely free of cost to play online and enjoy.


Play as much as you can @

Windows Vista Codecs for more than 355 movie and Music formats (Free)

This is a gold mine of Codecs for Audio and Video. More than 355 formats are supported in one single installation of Codec pack. This is a good news for all Windows Media Player users on Vista for sure.

Storm CD Perfect Edition 3.0 does the above magic for you.

Go Get It

Track your package using Google

I accidentally found this.

Enter your package number in to google search box and hit submit…

Google suggests you the links to track the package automatically…

Carry your Browsing Experience to anywhere with Google Toolbar now.

I must say “Hats Off” to Google for this. Google Toolbar 5 Beta has been released with very cool features today. One of the best features is “Sync up Toolbar” feature. I have posted recently on a Google Addin for Firefox which can sync up your favourites to any computer using Google credentials. I have search for a similar add-ons for IE but failed to find one. Now this toolbar solves my problem with IE bookmark sync 🙂

Install Google Toolbar 5 Beta

One the toolbar is installed, you will be prompted something like this. If you enable this, You are ready to carry all the stuff you do on your computer to anywhere.


With new Google Bookmarks integration, Google has almost challenged bookmarking system seriously. If Google could make it’s toolbar users addictive to their bookmarking system, I am sure everything else will be done automatically.

Sync your browser to any computer (Firefox only)

I use multiple computers at home and office. Some of them are portable and some are desktops and servers too. For me, the biggest problem on this earth is using browsers at different computers with different set of settings and bookmarks. How cool it would be if I can have my browser be with me all the time.

Google Browser Sync addresses this issue by syncing up all of your settings to any computer you intend to use. All you need is a tiny plugin installed on your browser.

Well it doesn’t work with Firefox 3 Beta.

Sync Wizard


Sync Tool Status


Download Google Browser Sync for Firefox 1.5+ (!= 3.0)