Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 5

11:24 AM

Session : Lighting the Web, Silverlight 2 By M.S.V Janakiram, Microsoft.

I somehow feel people tend to show MS as a devil and people doesn’t like them, but the fact remains that they use MS technology in and out in thier life. This session was started with a disclaimer that Janakiram will be talking much about generic technology but not specific to Microsoft ! (In Contrast …Check the ealier session I covered in Part – 3 of this series.) Community Spirit seems to be UnCommunitized now ! 🙂

This session is focusing on Rich Internet Application platform and usage of SilverLight. Janakiram started with Quote “Media is embracing the Web” and a mind blowing movie trailer demo with high definition sound effects using Silverlight on Fox Movies website. and… there it comes 🙂 A jazzy bollywood, tollywood movie application shown with high definition video experience in Firefox.

Janakiram described how do developers and designers co-exist and work together using Rich Internet Application platforms like Silverlight and Microsoft Expression and Visual Studio .NET 2005.

Janaki has demoed an application mashup built-upon Google Maps and Silverlight which shows the movie trailers on the pin points of movie theatres across Hyderabad.

-more to come

Happy BarCamping !


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