PicLense – Browse the Web like a 3D Presentation Show (Firefox Only)

PicLense is a highly creative and performant Add-on for Firefox which can give you a decent experience for any website with lots of pictures on it. You can literally turn the website in to a showcase of pictures with an interactive zoom in, zoom out, drag feature set. Download PicLense


Try the following page once you are done with PicLense Installation.


Sync your browser to any computer (Firefox only)

I use multiple computers at home and office. Some of them are portable and some are desktops and servers too. For me, the biggest problem on this earth is using browsers at different computers with different set of settings and bookmarks. How cool it would be if I can have my browser be with me all the time.

Google Browser Sync addresses this issue by syncing up all of your settings to any computer you intend to use. All you need is a tiny plugin installed on your browser.

Well it doesn’t work with Firefox 3 Beta.

Sync Wizard


Sync Tool Status


Download Google Browser Sync for Firefox 1.5+ (!= 3.0)

How to increase the number of downloads in Firefox

Any standard web browser supports only 2 downloads at one time per one server. Firefox also does the same. As a result, you will not be able to download more than 2 files at once in Firefox’s download manager.

A minor tweak to Firefox’s configuration allows you to configure this number as per your requirement.

Type “about:config” (with out quotes) in Firefox’s address bar.

Firefox will display a big list of configurable values in a grid. In the Filter box of this grid, type network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server.

By default this will have a value of “2”. Change this number to your custom number as shown below.