Automatically change your wallpaper

I am a big fan of wallpapers as I have a cool 17 inces wide screen Lenovo laptop. Whenever I want to chill out, I will start searching for cool photos, wall papers for my Windows Vista desktop. But I found it very tedious to maintain these cool collections and change wallpapers when I get some time (only). I wanted a program to change wallpapers automatically with out giving me any side effects.

I found this cool tool called Desktoptopia (beta) doing a great job on selecting a right desktop wallpaper from awesome collections. It’s tiny, nifty and cool. It can change my wallpapers at given intervals, or allows manual change as well. You can find loads of wallpaper collection which are configurable with your tiny tray utility.



Download Desktoptopia


Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 7

12:40 PM

Session : Women in IT By Kavita Vemuri, Technical Manager, IIIT-H

Kavita Vemuri delivered a splendid Off-beat topic on Women in IT and problems and how people think different, studies and statistics. The statistics that were demoed are very compelling.

She also talked on how things are seen from Women perspective.

I think this is one of MUST NOT MISS session for most of the barcampers out there. It really helps them to mature in their views about fellow women workers in IT field. She hit the nail on the right point where the word “Diversity” is becoming a multi-definition word as per people’s comfirtness in this corporate jungle.

She has also pin pointed on the need for Gender Insensitive policies rather than Gender Sensitive policies.

I liked the quote on her last slide 🙂

“They” Say : Women are key to economic growth, but then they keep changing the lock !!

Disclaimer from Kavita : “They” –> Governments

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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 6

11:45 AM : Tea Break ! It’s suffocating due to some problem with AC system in Google !

Session : Amit Aggarwal talks about Build a Successful Blog.

Amit talks about his experiences around doing blogging for living….i.e Professionally…he is a well known tech blogger who get indexed by from India.

He blogs @

Amit has shared his invaluable blogging experience such as keeping the visitors in touch, focusing on content, frequency of blogging, Using Google Alerts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  etc. Definitely a good session for young tech bloggers out there.

-more to come

Happy BarCamping !

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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 5

11:24 AM

Session : Lighting the Web, Silverlight 2 By M.S.V Janakiram, Microsoft.

I somehow feel people tend to show MS as a devil and people doesn’t like them, but the fact remains that they use MS technology in and out in thier life. This session was started with a disclaimer that Janakiram will be talking much about generic technology but not specific to Microsoft ! (In Contrast …Check the ealier session I covered in Part – 3 of this series.) Community Spirit seems to be UnCommunitized now ! 🙂

This session is focusing on Rich Internet Application platform and usage of SilverLight. Janakiram started with Quote “Media is embracing the Web” and a mind blowing movie trailer demo with high definition sound effects using Silverlight on Fox Movies website. and… there it comes 🙂 A jazzy bollywood, tollywood movie application shown with high definition video experience in Firefox.

Janakiram described how do developers and designers co-exist and work together using Rich Internet Application platforms like Silverlight and Microsoft Expression and Visual Studio .NET 2005.

Janaki has demoed an application mashup built-upon Google Maps and Silverlight which shows the movie trailers on the pin points of movie theatres across Hyderabad.

-more to come

Happy BarCamping !


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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 4

11:00 AM

Hysea Representatives talked on their activities and events. Boring  for developers like me 🙂 !

Session : Prasad Y, CMD of  teleonto talking about his experiences about Product development. Boring again. More like self perspective session and people seems to be taking an unofficial break in Bar Camp….:-)

I will take a break too….

-Happy BarCamping !

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Carry your Browsing Experience to anywhere with Google Toolbar now.

I must say “Hats Off” to Google for this. Google Toolbar 5 Beta has been released with very cool features today. One of the best features is “Sync up Toolbar” feature. I have posted recently on a Google Addin for Firefox which can sync up your favourites to any computer using Google credentials. I have search for a similar add-ons for IE but failed to find one. Now this toolbar solves my problem with IE bookmark sync 🙂

Install Google Toolbar 5 Beta

One the toolbar is installed, you will be prompted something like this. If you enable this, You are ready to carry all the stuff you do on your computer to anywhere.


With new Google Bookmarks integration, Google has almost challenged bookmarking system seriously. If Google could make it’s toolbar users addictive to their bookmarking system, I am sure everything else will be done automatically.

How to Quicky Crop or Resize a large image with out any Software?

This is a very frequent problem that almost every avid blogger faces in world. Many of the bloggers are not enough tech savvy to know how on image editing beyond MS Paint or Microsoft Picture manager in the world of windows. Yes…blame microsoft for that 🙂 MS Paint could have been more friendly. Isn’t it ?

Yes, We have for us, which can do lot of cool stuff online with any software installed on your desktop. (well you need Flash to be installed in your browser). But do we have that much time with us to wait and see until picnik loads all the sunshine, blossoms and bird songs?

If you don’t want to wait for such a long time, well there is an application ready to serve you in a quicker way for FREE and completely online. provides you a quicker way of resizing your large images with a single click conversion wizard.


Choose any large picture (up to 3 MB in size) and select your options as shown above and click “Convert”. Your picture should be ready for download as soon as possible.

Absolutely NO desktop software is involved in this operation.