Copy files faster than ever in your PC (Windows Only)

Everyone must have gone through atleast once through this pain. "Copying large volumes of files". Nothing can test our patience than doing this tedious task and waiting for long hours and late nights to do backups. The default copy program in windows is bit slower because of the buffer usage algorithm doesn’t care about the volume of the files or the size. It just copies the files in a single thread and pre-defined buffer for any scenario.

TeraCopy is a nifty small copy handler for Windows XP/Vista, which does a smart job of making the copy jobs much more faster and reliable.

A Free copy for Home users can be downloaded from HERE

Lets look at the cool features at a glance…

  • It uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times in file copy operations. It also does asynchronous copy between two different hard disks to make it more faster.
  • Pause and Resume file copy process anytime
  • Does not terminate the whole copy job for any error in reading files
  • Tracks the failed copy transactions
  • Completely integrates with Windows Shell and replaces the original boring copy dialog.

Sounds cool huh ?  🙂


Find shortcuts for any program

This is sweet for all keyboard champions and fans like me. I hate to use mouse for every action that I need to do in software. I enjoy the productivity gain that I get my keyboard. But how can I refer to all keyboard short cuts in one place for any application (popular) ?

Here it comes to save my time..

KeyXL is a search engine for Keyboard shortcuts. You can find full list of short cuts for many popular applications like Internet Explorer and Firefox.


01. Gmail :

02. Microsoft Excel 2007 :

03. Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Mac) :

Shameless Skype Software Horror (SSSH….)

16th August : Skype is down…and everyone are panic. The world of communication is not fallen or AT & T, Virgin did not lost their satellites..but skype has got crashed data servers and the world is panic.

16th August : As a usual routine, the major OS vendor, Microsoft has issued critical security patches to their operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista worldwide. These patches are available as part of Windows Update (which can be configured not to download updates automatically by any user) worldwide. The criticality of these patches also demands a safe restart of the operating system to make sure it is secured from any malicious attacks. Every machine in this world which has been updated using windows update was restarted….

What happend to skype?

Now the funniest thing that could ever happened to a software which was made with no idea of disaster scenarios comes in to picture. The massive restart of windows machines all over the world has apparently brought down skype servers and caused a big disaster. To my understanding , Skype does closes the connections and commits the calls in shutdown process. Massive start of windows machines (skype is not sure how many ….), it has got massive log-in  requests which are enough to give their servers a sleeping pill.

Who is the culprit ?

My vote goes to Skype. Hats-off to their product engineering which has never taken such a scenario of disaster. I am wondering what the hell their testing team doing with load testing? Do they test skype servers with a 500 simultaneous login transactions? How could anyone blame someone with so much of irresponsibility at their own house? This is funnier than fun.

Windows update restarted many machines and all the other IM networks survived including AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Google and why not skype? Does skype is going to disable the auto sign-in feature in future? 🙂 are the questions now…

Read more on this..

The best way to read

Do you love or Addicted? well, then you would have definitely felt tiresome of opening your browser very often to read latest stories. I used to always dream about a cute offline client which can provide experience in-built. Now I found it too.

DiggTop is a shiny little application which syncs with and gets you the latest news and videos down to your desktop. You can even set alert thresholds on digg count of any story. The following are some of the screenshots of the cool diggTop.



image You can download this application from GSkinner Website for free. This application runs on Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). So installing AIR is mandatory.

Install AIR Here….

How to make Vista Windows more cool ?

I love Windows Vista’s windows for two things. No…not for that flip-3D animation. But for the those three re-designed form controls with glow on left-top corner and the stylish border of the window when you enable Aero effects. 

But by default you get a form border which is a bit thicker than anticipated for any cool window. It looks some what like this…


Don’t you think, it looks bit bold but not so soft at the edges? Well, it requires a simple plumbing to get a sleeky, thin edge shape. Let’s try to get something like this…


To get the above effect, just follow these steps…

  1. Open Start Menu
  2. Type “personalization” in search box
  3. Open Personalization Dialog
  4. Select “Window Color and Appearance”
  5. In this window, you can see “Open Classic Appearance……” link. Click that.
  6. In “Appearance settings” window, select “Advanced”.
  7. In “Advanced Appearance” Window, select the “item” dropdown and choose “Border Padding”.
  8. Make it to “2”.
  9. Close all the dialogs by clicking Ok.

Windows will take 10 seconds to adjust the borders and you get nifty cool windows ready.

The 100 Best Products of 2007

PC World has published the World’s 100 best products for 2007 today. They have ranked software, hardware, web sites, media technologies and services which are rising and falling in the current timeline and in future.

The Top 10 list goes like this…(via

  • Google Apps Premier Edition Review
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Review
  • Nintendo Wii Review
  • Verizon FiOS Vendor Site
  • RIM Blackberry 8800 Review
  • Parallels Desktop Review
  • Pioneer Elite 1080p PRO-FHD1
  • Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” Review
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 3 Review
  • The full list is available here.

    Receive your Phone calls on iPod

    Think about this; you are in the world of music on your iPod and you get an urgent call. In most of the cases, you would definitely miss that call. How about if your iPod start receiving phone calls for you and display caller ID on iPod itself?

    MYBLU enables you to address this exactly the way you want your iPod wanted to be.

    MYBLU connects via your iPod and converts your iPod in to phone call receiver cum FM Radio too. Well it doesn’t require any batteries too.

    The features are as follows

  • Receive and make calls on your iPod.
  • Plug ‘n’ Play with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.
  • Caller number ID displayed on the iPod screen.
  • Automatically pauses and resumes music durring incomming calls.
  • 15 preset and auto scan FM Radio.
  • Last 9 numbers redial from your iPod.
  • Voice dial when paired with supported Bluetooth phones.
  • Use your own headphones.
  • No need for batteries.
  • This cool gadget was priced at around 4450 Rs in India.

    If you are interested you can directly buy this gadget right from manufacturer.

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