How to be Idle anytime on Google Talk (GTalk)

GTalk is simple. And sometime simplicity sucks you know. It doesn’t have any options on privacy. Many times you might wanted to be Idle on your  GTalk, but felt helpless. Google doesn’t seems to be updating the updated client very soon too.

Here you go for a little tool that adds a very cool option to GTalk menu “Always Idle”. gAlwaysIdle adds a menu option to your IM client so that you get your privacy back.

Download gAlwaysIdle


Batch Photo Uploader for Flickr

A batch photo uploader is available for best testing from Flickr Team. The UI is very neat and simple where you can define tags, safety levels and permissions on one place.


You can try this Beta version of Flickr Uploadr by downloading the setup from following location…

Flickr Uploadr Beta 2 Download

Screen Snapper – Free Screen Capture Tool (Windows Vista)

Windows Vista comes with a free screen snapshot program called “Snipping Tool“. You can find this tool under accessories of your Windows Vista start menu. Though it comes bundled with the OS, very few chances are there to know about this tool and use it. A tool which can sit right in your sidebar can be more handy that this. Screen Snapper is a solution for this requirement. It’s a very simple Windows Vista Side Bar Gadget, allows you to capture the screen in Desktop, Window, Region modes. And it’s absolutely FREE of cost.

You can download Screen Scaper from WIndows Live Gallery Page

Screen Snaper2 Screen Snaper

screen snapper3

Create a new folder with Single key stroke (Windows Only)

Think about this…You are about to create 50 new folders and copy files in to

all those folders. How would you do it?

01. Open the windows Explorer

02. RIght Click somewhere in the space

03. Select New menu

04. Select Folder menu…

05. Ooofff…name it.

What a pathetic way of doing  simple things …right? 🙂

But here is a good news…we have a cool nifty shell addin to remove the head ache stated above.

Baxbex provides a cool new folder shortcut for windows explorer shell. Once you install this, all you need to do is to hit F12 and Name your folder.


This addin works for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2K, XP and Vista too. in Windows XP, you can even see an icon for create new folder on top command bar of the explorer.

Download Baxbex’s bxNewFolder (links to an executable)