Can I Trust my Open ID ?

250px-OpenID_logo_svg This is what I see, when I try to use my Open ID credentials to comment on a blogspot blog. 🙂

I seriously doubt, how reliable is this so called “Single Sign On” solution for the Web 2.0.

Poor exception handling ? Huh ?



Merry Christmas…The programmer’s way..

The guys @ Channel 9 (Developer Community site managed by MSDN) had found an ultra cool way to wish people a great Christmas season. Chris Anderson, Don Box and Amanda Silver presenting a special song for you to enjoy the Christmas with a spirit of Programmer.


Listen to the Song here

Song Lyrics are as follows…

Module VB
Dim myvar As Integer?() = {3 * 3}
Sub Main()
For Each i In myvar
      Console.Write("Hello VB")
With i
End With REM a language so true
If i IsNot Nothing Then
End If REM
End Sub
End Module

FxLabs aquires Knibble…and you get 10566 games

FxLabs has aquired Largest Online gaming portal last week. And the coolest part of deal is going to make you very happy. You get 10,566 games absolutely free of cost to play online and enjoy.


Play as much as you can @

You got to need more icons iPhone !


How to Quicky Crop or Resize a large image with out any Software?

This is a very frequent problem that almost every avid blogger faces in world. Many of the bloggers are not enough tech savvy to know how on image editing beyond MS Paint or Microsoft Picture manager in the world of windows. Yes…blame microsoft for that 🙂 MS Paint could have been more friendly. Isn’t it ?

Yes, We have for us, which can do lot of cool stuff online with any software installed on your desktop. (well you need Flash to be installed in your browser). But do we have that much time with us to wait and see until picnik loads all the sunshine, blossoms and bird songs?

If you don’t want to wait for such a long time, well there is an application ready to serve you in a quicker way for FREE and completely online. provides you a quicker way of resizing your large images with a single click conversion wizard.


Choose any large picture (up to 3 MB in size) and select your options as shown above and click “Convert”. Your picture should be ready for download as soon as possible.

Absolutely NO desktop software is involved in this operation.

Screen Snapper – Free Screen Capture Tool (Windows Vista)

Windows Vista comes with a free screen snapshot program called “Snipping Tool“. You can find this tool under accessories of your Windows Vista start menu. Though it comes bundled with the OS, very few chances are there to know about this tool and use it. A tool which can sit right in your sidebar can be more handy that this. Screen Snapper is a solution for this requirement. It’s a very simple Windows Vista Side Bar Gadget, allows you to capture the screen in Desktop, Window, Region modes. And it’s absolutely FREE of cost.

You can download Screen Scaper from WIndows Live Gallery Page

Screen Snaper2 Screen Snaper

screen snapper3

Upload images to Flickr Automatically from a Folder

Everyone loves Flickr. But unfortunately there is no simple uploading utility available for this sweet photo sharing website. Flickr does provides some utilities, but all of these tools require manual intervention to do upload.

How about a tool which can upload photos to Flickr as soon as you save a picture to your local folder? Cool ..Isn’t it ?

Foldr Monitr is a little program that sits in your system tray and does that job for you. This tool will be very useful for bloggers who want to use lot of images in their posts but lazy to upload them to flickr. I recommend this tool to be used along with a great addin called Flickr4Writer for Windows Live Writer.


Steps to configure a better photo upload and blog mechanism

01. Install Foldr Monitr and configure it for a local folder.

02. Install Flickr4Writer (You should have Windows Live Writer installed)

03. Drop all photos in to your folder…start blogging…

04. By the time you finish blogging, your pics should be ready on Flickr.

05. Use Flickr4Writer and pull all of them from Flickr and place’em in your post.

Life is now beautiful…Thanks to better software 🙂