Mac Book Air launched in India

Apple has launched it’s new product Mac Book Air in India. In next two weeks, the product will be available in all Apple Stores across country.


Mac Book Air measures at 0.76 inches thickness as it’s front line feature. Well that feature comes with some sacrifice too. There will be no Optical Drive ! This optical drive comes at an additional cost of 5500 Rs which cannot be used with any other PCs or Laptops.

The Technical Specifications are as follows…

Screen Size : 13.3 inches (LED Backlit)

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo

Hard disk : 4200rpm (slow) – 80 GB  – [ 64 GB Solid State Drive is Optional ]

Ethernet, Firewire, Media Card Slots – MISSING !

USB Drive : Just 1

Battery : Not Replaceable (like in iPod) 

Expected Price : 96,100 Rs.


Receive your Phone calls on iPod

Think about this; you are in the world of music on your iPod and you get an urgent call. In most of the cases, you would definitely miss that call. How about if your iPod start receiving phone calls for you and display caller ID on iPod itself?

MYBLU enables you to address this exactly the way you want your iPod wanted to be.

MYBLU connects via your iPod and converts your iPod in to phone call receiver cum FM Radio too. Well it doesn’t require any batteries too.

The features are as follows

  • Receive and make calls on your iPod.
  • Plug ‘n’ Play with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.
  • Caller number ID displayed on the iPod screen.
  • Automatically pauses and resumes music durring incomming calls.
  • 15 preset and auto scan FM Radio.
  • Last 9 numbers redial from your iPod.
  • Voice dial when paired with supported Bluetooth phones.
  • Use your own headphones.
  • No need for batteries.
  • This cool gadget was priced at around 4450 Rs in India.

    If you are interested you can directly buy this gadget right from manufacturer.

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    Caller ID on your Watch – Fossil Bluetooth Watch

    This is one great feature I always wish to have in my watch. Nothing but to check who is calling on my mobile right from my wrist watch, so that I don’t have to pick my mobile phone from pocket.

    Fossil has introduced a watch which can pick the Caller ID information right from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

    This watch is compatible with most of the Sony Ericsson blue tooth enabled mobile phones and Symbion based phones.

    The Compatibility is as follows…

    • Sony Ericsson Bluetooth enabled mobile phones (K610, K610im, K618, K790, K800, W710, W850, Z610, Z710, P990, W950, and M600)
    • Series 60 phones using Symbian OS version 7, 8, and 8.1 (coming soon)…
    • More details here

    Tracking multiple Time Zones from System Tray

    Many times we struggle to track multiple timezones across globe, especially when there are lot of other side effects attached to that tracking such as Day Light Savings adjustments etc. But tracking multiple time zones has become an important part in almost all the people who work with business across globe.

    First thing you need to learn is the jargon of time zones…

    EST, EDT US Eastern Time New York
    CST, CDT US Central Time Chicago
    MST, MDT US Mountain Time Denver
    PST, PDT US Pacific Time Los Angeles
    BST British Summer Time London
    CET, CEST Central Europe Time Paris
    EET, EEST Eastern Europe Time Athens
    IST Indian Standard Time Hyderabad

    Now….There are multiple ways you can track time across globe…

    01. The Web Way..

    There are many cool web sites, where you can choose and track your time effectively. These web sites will take care of syncing with world time accurately for you including day light savings.

     can show you a list of all important cities and time at that particular instance of your visit. Alternatively you can a cool meeting planner too.

    World Time Zone Map shows you a map of important places around globe along with current time.

    GChart (what a weird name…) provides you a fantastic way to check the time of any location on earth using a mash-up built on google maps.

    02. The Desktop Way..

    If you are traveling with out Internet facility, you would want a cool, nifty desktop utility to track the time across globe..Isn’t it?


    Microsoft Time Zone utility provides you a way to track 5 time zones at a time right from your desktop’s system tray as shown below. This download is only available for Genuine Windows Owners. The size of the download is below 800 kb and installs smoothly. It allows you to track up to 5 cities at any time. I will update this post if I find a better tool to track time zones.

    Note : Windows Vista comes with a gadget which you can use to track multiple time zones. You don’t have to install any additional software.

    Robotic Dragon Fly is now takes off for customers

    via :

    Calling all gadget lovers…grab your Dragon Fly, before the stocks are over at RadioShack 🙂

    Now you can order the famous RC Dragon Fly (CES fame) (built by WowWee, the cool Robot puppet makers) from Radio Shack’s website for just 50$.

    Features at a Glance

    • Flies about 10 minutes per 15 minute charge  (Requires 6 AA batteries)
    • Selectable bands: 27MHz or 49MHz
    • Control distance: 30 feet

    I am super excited about this and cant wait to grab one.

    Hum your tune and search for the song…

    I used to have a dream to have a gadget in hand (which I had recently discussed with one of my friends) where I can hum a bit from my favorite music. I want my little gadget to search the local on demand FM station database for that bit and get the streaming music back to my device. Everything in less than 10 seconds. Isn’t is a cool idea ? 🙂 But I had to convince myself that the Speech Recognition technology is still in labs of many universities, giant organizations like MSR labs and It is still not very mature enough to normalize millions of voices & accents around this world in to a standard voice protocol. That’s a bitter fact 😦

    Today I accidentally found this cool site which does a smart search for music by taking your voice input (humming bit) and will get back to you with the song you wanted to listen 🙂 …It’s a true WoW stuff. Click the below image to enjoy this.

    Search music by Voice has published the Best Of 2006 List.

    Now it’s amazon’s turn after PCMag to reveal what lied beneath thier customer’s heart. You can find the list here.. Best of 2006 List

    Some of the interesting rankings…

    XBox 360 has got a berth in “Most Popular Gift Products”

    Best Selling DVD : Pirates of Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest

    Best Selling Electronics : Apple iPods (what else?)

    Nintendo Wii has secured a place in Most Wished-For Products.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe has got it’s berth in Most Popular Gift Products.

    [Via CrunchGear]

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