Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 7

12:40 PM

Session : Women in IT By Kavita Vemuri, Technical Manager, IIIT-H

Kavita Vemuri delivered a splendid Off-beat topic on Women in IT and problems and how people think different, studies and statistics. The statistics that were demoed are very compelling.

She also talked on how things are seen from Women perspective.

I think this is one of MUST NOT MISS session for most of the barcampers out there. It really helps them to mature in their views about fellow women workers in IT field. She hit the nail on the right point where the word “Diversity” is becoming a multi-definition word as per people’s comfirtness in this corporate jungle.

She has also pin pointed on the need for Gender Insensitive policies rather than Gender Sensitive policies.

I liked the quote on her last slide 🙂

“They” Say : Women are key to economic growth, but then they keep changing the lock !!

Disclaimer from Kavita : “They” –> Governments

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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 6

11:45 AM : Tea Break ! It’s suffocating due to some problem with AC system in Google !

Session : Amit Aggarwal talks about Build a Successful Blog.

Amit talks about his experiences around doing blogging for living….i.e Professionally…he is a well known tech blogger who get indexed by techmeme.com from India.

He blogs @ labnol.org.

Amit has shared his invaluable blogging experience such as keeping the visitors in touch, focusing on content, frequency of blogging, Using Google Alerts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  etc. Definitely a good session for young tech bloggers out there.

-more to come

Happy BarCamping !

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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 5

11:24 AM

Session : Lighting the Web, Silverlight 2 By M.S.V Janakiram, Microsoft.

I somehow feel people tend to show MS as a devil and people doesn’t like them, but the fact remains that they use MS technology in and out in thier life. This session was started with a disclaimer that Janakiram will be talking much about generic technology but not specific to Microsoft ! (In Contrast …Check the ealier session I covered in Part – 3 of this series.) Community Spirit seems to be UnCommunitized now ! 🙂

This session is focusing on Rich Internet Application platform and usage of SilverLight. Janakiram started with Quote “Media is embracing the Web” and a mind blowing movie trailer demo with high definition sound effects using Silverlight on Fox Movies website. and… there it comes 🙂 A jazzy bollywood, tollywood movie application shown with high definition video experience in Firefox.

Janakiram described how do developers and designers co-exist and work together using Rich Internet Application platforms like Silverlight and Microsoft Expression and Visual Studio .NET 2005.

Janaki has demoed an application mashup built-upon Google Maps and Silverlight which shows the movie trailers on the pin points of movie theatres across Hyderabad.

-more to come

Happy BarCamping !


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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 1

Barcamp 5 @ Hyderabad is scheduled today and Google India is hosting the show for us. Thanks to Google 🙂

9:30 AM : I reached Google’s office at around 9:30 AM. Entry is super smooth (took just 5 mins including an official entry for my laptop) with pleasant welcome from Google’s reception.

Googlers turned their Cafe in to BarCamp conference hall to accommodate large set of audience. The first instant benefit I got from Google the moment I entered in to thier office is “GOOGLE GUEST WIFI”. No Hungama, nothing. I had to enter my email id and nothing else. I am connected to a high-speed internet pipe on the fly.  🙂

Seating seems to be not so good as it’s a canteen. I am not sure if I can sit for long in these fibre chairs. I also observed that there are no power hubs down on the floor as its a canteen in real. Google has quickly arranged few Power strips to us.

10:00 AM :  Conference agenda is being prepared. There is a big Queue out side the office and folks are checking in….

more in next part…

Happy Barcamping !

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Start ++ .. Enhanced Start Menu for Windows Vista

This is a cool extension for the famous Windows Vista start menu. Windows Vista has got an improved start menu in contrast with the classic start menu in Windows XP. It has got search in-built and user doesn’t have to go places to search for any thing.

Start++ is an enhancement over the enhanced Start menu in Windows Vista, which is bringing the power of macros and interactivity in to that tiny Start menu.

Start++ is trying to make your nearest search box, much more powerful and useful. You can customize Start++ for any kind of macro you want.

Download Start++ (for Vista)

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ICC Cricket World Cup…All Set to Rock !

The next 20 days will be treated as the most exciting & entertaining days for India & other cricket playing countries as ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 is all set to rock the world of its own. West Indies (Caribbean Islands) are hosting 2007’s world cup.

Most of the matches will be played in St Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, St Kits & Jamaica. The live telecast of these matches will be done in India by Sony Max TV channel. All these matches will start at 7pm IST (Indian Standard Time) and All matches those are being played in Jamica will start at 8pm IST.

You can subscribe to the ICC WorldCup 2007 Google Calendar with IST timings.

The chat can now make a difference













Today Windows Live Messenger has launched a new way to help charity through IM Chats. Every time you start an IM chat with anyone, Microsoft will shares a portion of revenue from advertisements to a selected charity organization pre-selected by you. Read more

So now the time for You & Me to make difference using Our chat 🙂