Infy started Corporate Blogging

Indian IT Giant “Infosys” (INFY) has entered the big world of Blogging with thier corporate blogging @ InfosysBlogs. This is a MovableType hosted blogging system. Currently I can see two major blogs on Infosys blogs system..

One is dedicated for Microsoft technologies and can be reached at

Another blog was dedicated to corporate lessons, Industry strategies and management lessons…This can be reached @

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Unlocked Internet : A New perk for employees?

I can’t imagine working on a computer which does’nt have internet connection/Restricted access to Internet 🙂 Do you?.

It’s funny but very much true in many of the other’s case too. People are too much connected via internet these days and they literally work collaboratively.

Business Analysts, Programmers and Architects are live and breathe on Internet. I have one of my friends who does’nt even think of a job which does’nt offer her internet at workplace. It’s not a funny demand at all. infact it is very much required for any developer/analyst who work in a competitive IT world, where trends are very much dynamic, solutions are inumorous, and colloboration is good food.

In a keynote speech at Tech Ed 2006, a senior executive from Microsoft Corporation, stated as follows…

“These kids are saying: forget it! I don’t want to work with you. I don’t want to work at a place where I can’t be freely online during the day,”

“Companies all over the world are saying, oh, you can’t be on the internet while you’re at work. You can’t be on instant messaging at work…” she said. “These are digital immigrant ideas.”

This is a fair demand infact. I know many of the Indian IT companies restrict internet for no reason or some stupid reasons inherited from clients. Some clients are too much worried about thier internal data and proprietery knowledge and they shutdown all the doors including internet and keep a camera right behind your desk.

Why we are not ready for next generation where computers are really gonna talk to each other rather than people talking over phones and emails? Why most of the IT companies are still digital immigrant ? according to that senior executive, “digital immigrants” are people who were not born into the digital lifestyle and view it as a distraction rather than an integral part of life. She also warns companies that, there is a risk of loosing employees if you restrict them to access things like Internet.

Read the full story here.

Quick-Kill Project Management

Andrew and Jennifer tells us how to do project management when you are asked to complete your project yesterday itself. I have had numerous experiences in this through out my software development career. This article reminds me some of those and makes me feel funny and sad both. Even now i cant understand why most of the managers can’t bridge business and development so effectively? (Atleast in india where people run to get projects by hook or crook).

I am currently reading a great book “One minute manager“. I would say each page in that book shows your manager in different angle and presents you the right angle which it should be. All Indian Software giants should make it mandatory for thier managers to read this book.

Coming back to Quick Kill Project Management…It uses 3 techniques to achieve results in a neck-to-neck situations in project delivery.

  • Vision and scope document
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Code review
  • Using the above techniques, we will be aiming to kill only the most pressing project problems instead of spreading the panic across the system.