Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista is Ready !

Yahoo has released a beta version of their messenger exclusively for Windows Vista with few native look & feel features today.

My first impression is "Cool". But It seriously lacks many features which are expected. It is no where near to the quality of Windows Live Messenger for sure. For some reason Yahoo could not deliver the full featured version in this build. Are they building this messenger right from the scratch?

I did a quick walk-through on UI…and Here it goes…

Startup : Looks a bit decent, but takes a while to start. Could be because of built in instrumentation reporting on Beta software.



Login Windows : Made sleek and smaller than non-vista version. Shows cool animation for logon process. Yahoo may replace that animation with classic smiley face expressions in future. (my wild guess :-))


Chat Windows : Not very impressive. This is not a fully powered chat windows (at least in this build). Very simple interface. Buzz option was added as a part of smilies collection (very confusing)


Coloured Windows : This is cool. A limited set of color tiles will be displayed to you in a carousal style. Grass is one of them and it’s odd.


Smiley Window: No new smilies for you. The only addition is "Buzz" smiley which has no UI but some action attached to it (looks Odd).



Adding a contact :  Very Simple compared to the classic messenger. Very neat.


Display List: Mimics Vista’s explorer list style.


Preferences window has very few features…

Bottom Line…I am impressed but not excited.


Yahoo’s Inbox goes Unlimited

Yahoo started rolling out “The Unlimited” storage for Yahoo inbox worldwide. Just wait and watch your inbox. When the feature is enabled for your account, the storage meter will disappear, which means there is no storage limit.

Read more here

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Yahoo Photos are going to be FlickrD !

Via TechCrunch

TechCrunch reports that Yahoo is going to announce the shutdown of their famous Yahoo Photos service which was recently refurbished in terms of UI and experience. Yahoo photos was one of the most famous photo album storage sites before the services like Sony’s ImageStation started in Web 1.0 era.

Post acquisition of Flickr, the world’s favorite photo storage service, Yahoo has started developing features and Yahoo integration on Flickr.

Yahoo is not going to ditch you by throwing all of your photos in the garbage. Instead, yahoo will provide a smooth transition process of moving the existing image albums to famous  social photo services like Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly with 1-Click transfer support from Yahoo photo albums itself. Yahoo will also make all the images available to be downloaded at full resolution or to be printed at discounted price to the normal price.

Digg effect on Yahoo….It’s Bad !

Yahoo Auto Suggestion’s new design is creating ripple through the aggressive unmanaged community of for all of it’s similarities with design. They call it as Shameless ! God ! what’s happening to these crowds? Yahoo even did mentioned that they wanted to go with Digg style of voting for some purpose in their blog. That was really a good thing they did. There is no rule that someone should not follow the way you do things…There is no patent filed for the GREAT style of as well or that is not the style of century also. Well if we don’t like digg to be mentioned on yahoo, why the hell every blog and site in this world should say “Digg This” and “Digg that?” Let’s Stop it !

Once again community has proven that it has major number kids and unprofessional cowards by making/defacing Yahoo auto’s page as shown below…

Web 2.0 ? Where can I find it?

Web Two Point Ohhhh

🙂 …let’s hope 2007 brings out the real web 2.0 if it exists…

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Free Internet Video Player for Life

Internet TVDemocracy Player, the new member of amazing web 2.0 application family, plays almost all the video content available on internet via standard protocols available.

This player is 100% Free, Opensource software licensed under GPL.


Some of the cool features…

Play Anything :Play virtually any video– Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, AVI, XVID, and more. Browse your collection, make playlists, stay organized. One homebase for all your videos.

Internet TV Shows : Subscribe to any video RSS feed, podcast, or video blog. Explore hundreds of free channels with the built-in Channel Guide.

Search : Search YouTube, Yahoo videos, and Google videos and play what you want..

Torrent Client : Easily download any BitTorrent file. Fast. Then watch it in the same app. Simple.

This cute player looks exceptionally cool in user interface (looks more like iTunes…hmm better than that indeed)


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Thrilled to be a part of Dev Con 2006, Hyderabad

It was proved again ! Hyderabad is a place for happenings for Developer communities. It was a sunday, the weekend. Indian cricket team is touring south africa and they’re supposed to play africans on the same day. Would any indian cricket fan dare to step out of home? 🙂 But the developer community in Hyderabad did so. Dev Con 2006 has got a massive attendance of ~400 developers. The enthusiam and passion they have showin is just beyond the word “Amazing”. I am proud to be associated with the event as a manager and speaker. Thanks and hats off to the developer community out there in Hyderabad, India.

Some of the glimpses…

01. Folks are ready at registrations by early morning 8:15 AM (well, I dint even reach the venue by that time :-))

02. .NET tracks are extended till 7:30 PM as per demands from attendees. They dint agreed to seperate the halls and have parallel tracks. They have got an additional session on BLINQ too.

03. Many of the developers are thrilled to see the power of Ajax and Browser’s capabilities in building applications on top of Internet Explorer in a session presented by Cordys folks.

04. 90% of attendees are aware of many web 2.0 products like Orkut, Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

05. Many of the attendees demanded for both SQL and .NET sessions as they’re asked to split in to different streams.

06. Some of the registrants are from govrnment orgs like A.P High court and BSNL.