Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista is Ready !

Yahoo has released a beta version of their messenger exclusively for Windows Vista with few native look & feel features today.

My first impression is "Cool". But It seriously lacks many features which are expected. It is no where near to the quality of Windows Live Messenger for sure. For some reason Yahoo could not deliver the full featured version in this build. Are they building this messenger right from the scratch?

I did a quick walk-through on UI…and Here it goes…

Startup : Looks a bit decent, but takes a while to start. Could be because of built in instrumentation reporting on Beta software.



Login Windows : Made sleek and smaller than non-vista version. Shows cool animation for logon process. Yahoo may replace that animation with classic smiley face expressions in future. (my wild guess :-))


Chat Windows : Not very impressive. This is not a fully powered chat windows (at least in this build). Very simple interface. Buzz option was added as a part of smilies collection (very confusing)


Coloured Windows : This is cool. A limited set of color tiles will be displayed to you in a carousal style. Grass is one of them and it’s odd.


Smiley Window: No new smilies for you. The only addition is "Buzz" smiley which has no UI but some action attached to it (looks Odd).



Adding a contact :  Very Simple compared to the classic messenger. Very neat.


Display List: Mimics Vista’s explorer list style.


Preferences window has very few features…

Bottom Line…I am impressed but not excited.


Copy files faster than ever in your PC (Windows Only)

Everyone must have gone through atleast once through this pain. "Copying large volumes of files". Nothing can test our patience than doing this tedious task and waiting for long hours and late nights to do backups. The default copy program in windows is bit slower because of the buffer usage algorithm doesn’t care about the volume of the files or the size. It just copies the files in a single thread and pre-defined buffer for any scenario.

TeraCopy is a nifty small copy handler for Windows XP/Vista, which does a smart job of making the copy jobs much more faster and reliable.

A Free copy for Home users can be downloaded from HERE

Lets look at the cool features at a glance…

  • It uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times in file copy operations. It also does asynchronous copy between two different hard disks to make it more faster.
  • Pause and Resume file copy process anytime
  • Does not terminate the whole copy job for any error in reading files
  • Tracks the failed copy transactions
  • Completely integrates with Windows Shell and replaces the original boring copy dialog.

Sounds cool huh ?  🙂