Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 1

Barcamp 5 @ Hyderabad is scheduled today and Google India is hosting the show for us. Thanks to Google 🙂

9:30 AM : I reached Google’s office at around 9:30 AM. Entry is super smooth (took just 5 mins including an official entry for my laptop) with pleasant welcome from Google’s reception.

Googlers turned their Cafe in to BarCamp conference hall to accommodate large set of audience. The first instant benefit I got from Google the moment I entered in to thier office is “GOOGLE GUEST WIFI”. No Hungama, nothing. I had to enter my email id and nothing else. I am connected to a high-speed internet pipe on the fly.  🙂

Seating seems to be not so good as it’s a canteen. I am not sure if I can sit for long in these fibre chairs. I also observed that there are no power hubs down on the floor as its a canteen in real. Google has quickly arranged few Power strips to us.

10:00 AM :  Conference agenda is being prepared. There is a big Queue out side the office and folks are checking in….

more in next part…

Happy Barcamping !

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Mac Book Air launched in India

Apple has launched it’s new product Mac Book Air in India. In next two weeks, the product will be available in all Apple Stores across country.


Mac Book Air measures at 0.76 inches thickness as it’s front line feature. Well that feature comes with some sacrifice too. There will be no Optical Drive ! This optical drive comes at an additional cost of 5500 Rs which cannot be used with any other PCs or Laptops.

The Technical Specifications are as follows…

Screen Size : 13.3 inches (LED Backlit)

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo

Hard disk : 4200rpm (slow) – 80 GB  – [ 64 GB Solid State Drive is Optional ]

Ethernet, Firewire, Media Card Slots – MISSING !

USB Drive : Just 1

Battery : Not Replaceable (like in iPod) 

Expected Price : 96,100 Rs.

Can I Trust my Open ID ?

250px-OpenID_logo_svg This is what I see, when I try to use my Open ID credentials to comment on a blogspot blog. 🙂

I seriously doubt, how reliable is this so called “Single Sign On” solution for the Web 2.0.

Poor exception handling ? Huh ?


PicLense – Browse the Web like a 3D Presentation Show (Firefox Only)

PicLense is a highly creative and performant Add-on for Firefox which can give you a decent experience for any website with lots of pictures on it. You can literally turn the website in to a showcase of pictures with an interactive zoom in, zoom out, drag feature set. Download PicLense


Try the following page once you are done with PicLense Installation.

China declares war on Plastic Carry Bags

China has banned usage of plastic carry bags as a part of their war on “White Pollution”. This is a very good decision taken by a country which has responsibility as big as it’s population.

Now It’s the India turn ?

Read more at NG Web

How to be Idle anytime on Google Talk (GTalk)

GTalk is simple. And sometime simplicity sucks you know. It doesn’t have any options on privacy. Many times you might wanted to be Idle on your  GTalk, but felt helpless. Google doesn’t seems to be updating the updated client very soon too.

Here you go for a little tool that adds a very cool option to GTalk menu “Always Idle”. gAlwaysIdle adds a menu option to your IM client so that you get your privacy back.

Download gAlwaysIdle

Merry Christmas…The programmer’s way..

The guys @ Channel 9 (Developer Community site managed by MSDN) had found an ultra cool way to wish people a great Christmas season. Chris Anderson, Don Box and Amanda Silver presenting a special song for you to enjoy the Christmas with a spirit of Programmer.


Listen to the Song here

Song Lyrics are as follows…

Module VB
Dim myvar As Integer?() = {3 * 3}
Sub Main()
For Each i In myvar
      Console.Write("Hello VB")
With i
End With REM a language so true
If i IsNot Nothing Then
End If REM
End Sub
End Module