Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 7

12:40 PM

Session : Women in IT By Kavita Vemuri, Technical Manager, IIIT-H

Kavita Vemuri delivered a splendid Off-beat topic on Women in IT and problems and how people think different, studies and statistics. The statistics that were demoed are very compelling.

She also talked on how things are seen from Women perspective.

I think this is one of MUST NOT MISS session for most of the barcampers out there. It really helps them to mature in their views about fellow women workers in IT field. She hit the nail on the right point where the word “Diversity” is becoming a multi-definition word as per people’s comfirtness in this corporate jungle.

She has also pin pointed on the need for Gender Insensitive policies rather than Gender Sensitive policies.

I liked the quote on her last slide 🙂

“They” Say : Women are key to economic growth, but then they keep changing the lock !!

Disclaimer from Kavita : “They” –> Governments

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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 4

11:00 AM

Hysea Representatives talked on their activities and events. Boring  for developers like me 🙂 !

Session : Prasad Y, CMD of  teleonto talking about his experiences about Product development. Boring again. More like self perspective session and people seems to be taking an unofficial break in Bar Camp….:-)

I will take a break too….

-Happy BarCamping !

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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 3

10:47 AM

Session : Building Low Cost Scalable Web Apps – Ramesh Rajamani, Compassites, Bangalore.

Session seems to be focussing on High Availability, Performance and Storage solutions planning for such demanding applications. I feel, this session is more technology centric rather than practice centric (which I hate to listen in events like barcamp where people think technology is just a way to implement systems).

Most of the things sound obvious to me and few things are going above my head.

One funny thing…the speaker talks about Amazon S3 to save time on performance while S3 is sleeping in woods at the same time 🙂

more to come….signing off for now…

-Happy Blogging

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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 2

10:30 AM

The first session is kicked off post introductory welcome by Ramesh Loganathan, VP, Pramati.

Sanjeev is doing Behavioral Driven Development  (BDD) now. He is from a little startup called “Corners

This session started with Test Driven Development introduction…

BDD focuses more on defining the behavior of the system rather than designing the code. This comes out when developer thinks about system in terms of domain specific language (DSL).

The session was planned to end with a demo with Ruby On Rails with BDD, but for some reasons the demo was not given.

I just looked back in to hall…and…..WOW ..I can see too many Students 🙂


– Happy BarCamping…


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Hyderabad Barcamp 5 – Live ! Part 1

Barcamp 5 @ Hyderabad is scheduled today and Google India is hosting the show for us. Thanks to Google 🙂

9:30 AM : I reached Google’s office at around 9:30 AM. Entry is super smooth (took just 5 mins including an official entry for my laptop) with pleasant welcome from Google’s reception.

Googlers turned their Cafe in to BarCamp conference hall to accommodate large set of audience. The first instant benefit I got from Google the moment I entered in to thier office is “GOOGLE GUEST WIFI”. No Hungama, nothing. I had to enter my email id and nothing else. I am connected to a high-speed internet pipe on the fly.  🙂

Seating seems to be not so good as it’s a canteen. I am not sure if I can sit for long in these fibre chairs. I also observed that there are no power hubs down on the floor as its a canteen in real. Google has quickly arranged few Power strips to us.

10:00 AM :  Conference agenda is being prepared. There is a big Queue out side the office and folks are checking in….

more in next part…

Happy Barcamping !

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