Paint .NET is back on stage (not a beta)

Yes, It’s no longer a Beta program now. If you wonder WTH is Paint.NET ??? It is a small (3.1 MB) application, which was written by students of washington state university. Paint.NET is being considered as a serious compitetor for many of the comercial photo editing software available right now.

The things i liked most in PDN…

01. very small in installation

02. Free…Free…Free

03. Faster…Easier to learn

Paint .NET 2.6 runs on .NET 2.0 framework. Check the below feature list.

Paint.NET v2.6

Released: February 24th, 2006 – Download

This release is an upgrade of v2.5 that utilizes the brand
new .NET Framework v2.0 runtime. It introduces full 64-bit
support, an aesthetically updated user interface, better
performance, a new "Curves" adjustment, and seven new layer
blend modes.

What’s new in Paint.NET v2.6?

  • Full 64-bit support, for both x64 and
    Itanium systems
  • New "Curves" adjustment for editing an
    image’s color curves
  • Seven new layer blend modes: Color Burn,
    Color Dodge, Reflect, Glow, Overlay, Negation, and Xor
  • Aesthetic improvements to the entire user
  • Better performance, especially for 64-bit
  • Zooming, esp. with the mouse wheel, has
    been enhanced
  • Rewritten layer composition engine is now
    mathematically correct, and faster
  • Deployment via AD/GPO is now much easier
    (use /createMsi with setup package)
  • User interface now works correctly in
    high-DPI (120dpi, 144dpi, 196dpi)
  • Layers window list is no longer "upside
  • Upgraded to use .NET Framework 2.0
  • Many other
    improvements and fixes


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Beware of any Digital Video Content

That’s because digital video content is expected to provide the next major
opportunity for computer hackers.

According to Search security" Consultants Robert Baldwin and Kevin Kingdon told an 2006 RSA Security
Conference audience last week that video and audio content that bypasses
firewalls and security software to play directly on a consumer’s machine is
particularly dangerous."

Read more here




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Awesome ASP.NET RSS Toolkit

This is just awesome and a one stop  toolkit , if  you are planning to use RSS in your ASP.NET  applications.

Via Scottgu


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First moments with google pages

I liked it ! 🙂 very much…very clean and simple…I have created my first page here…

I had seen a demo of Microsoft Office Live Essentials on, and found a similiar concept of creating your home page with just clicks. But i think if I try to compare these two services, it will be like comparing apples to oranges only.

Office live essentials looks more like a streamlined interface for your business needs and colloboration, but google pages are bit different from that aspect. Possibly its more similiar to yahoo’s geocities…

Now the question is : How google is going to use Google pages ??? By building a parallel google web?  I can see some future integrations form google on the same concepts..

01. Integration of Gtalk status on google pages
02. Targeting Google Ads for google pages
03. Google gadgets for google pages
04. API for Google pages
05. Frontpage support & other publishing support


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Go Flock : Revitalized

The web 2.0 featured Flock is back on stage again…This time it looks quite impressive with lot of bug fixes, inbuilt blogging and flickr features. Flock comes with a search box defaulted to Yahoo !. That’s a quite noticable :-). The features I liked most in Flock are…

  • Inbuilt blogging with technorati tag support
  • Flickr support (Drag & drop pics from Flickr to your blog post)

Go download the latest Flock 0.5.11 (9.5 MB) 

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Help BBC with your CPU

SETI Home, Google helix and now it’s BBC turn to ask for your CPU time for one of the big distributed computing projects "BBC Climate Challenge project", all you need to do is, to install a 10 MB satellite software which downloads chunks of data from servers and analyzes using your CPU’s Idle time.

I am giving my 2 CPUs for this project with full time running. Let’s help planet earth’s biggest climate analysis.

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Are you Egocentric ?

Wired reports the Secret Cause of the Flame wars in the world of email trails. Which is nothing but egocentrism. I think this is a very common problem in the world of uncertainity and untrust. There are two things to notice here..When you read a mail…

01. You cannot interpret the email in exactly the same way the author wants.

02. You cannot interpret the email with out having your pre calculated perceptions and assumptions.

The first point is very usual thing until unless the author uses some alternatives to express his emotions in email. I feel that is not the problem with text, but the timing of the email. Emails are sent in absence of sense of time or mood of the reciever and the reader may interpret that email in anyway based on his mood and perspection. The reason behind this explanation is "SMS".

If you can treat SMS as a mini mail or chunk of email, nothing in this world can beat SMS in expressing your emotion and message, just in simple plain text with a limit of 160 characters per messages. That’s possible because, the author is aware of the mood and right time to send it …in one word…right context.

In many cases, a better email etiquette helps to avoid the egocentricism in others. Too much of formality, deep explanations, beating around bush are the biggest problems in many of the emails that cause this problem. a smiley always helps your reader to understand your tone of email. dont forget it !

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