home page and their obsessions

I think its high time for MSN India team to change thier domain name to “” or “”. Look at this stupid home page which is supposed to be a start page for any indian to know as per expectations from any portal like

Right from the top of the page, I have marked all ADs in Yellow Boxes and Movie information in Red boxes. As per my observation covers or contains only 10% of thier home page which is “information”. And the remaining stuff is all about aishwarya and salman khan, may be the cute pics of sameera reddy etc…. I am attaching the home page for your reference below… (I did not digged in to MSN Channels much…) – Click on the image to see the original image.

The funniest part is filling this page with various technical web sites like windows update etc.

Dear MSN India…Do you have any idea about your audience? Do you think they are running after bollywood actors and actresses pics and wallpapers all the time. You got to think about the future as many self made portals like, google homepage are coming on the way. Please try to understand the word “Entertainment”, it’s not just movies & Wallpapers for sure 🙂


Bye Bye FireFox 1.5

I have decided to live with out FireFox 1.5 for some time. Its giving pathetic performance in loading the pages or any other complex rendering. I found IE is better than FireFox 1.5 in performance, though it crashes very often.

May be I will consider Firefox again after major performance fixes. Till then Bye Bye FireFox !

Acoustical Liberation of books in public domain

Don’t get scared of that long and serious title 🙂 Because its a project’s name which can make  you feel so happy to know more about.

Tech Crunch reports about the Hugh McGuire’s goal is to make all public domain (expired copyright) books available free online in audio format. The project is named LibriVox. Thanks to Hugh not for naming it after “Pod” mania. I would like to suggest him to use “Audiocast” or “Voxcast” instead of the term “Podcast“.

 Anyway, Thanks very much and Best Wishes to Hugh McGuire. Its a great effort.

Remembrance Week – 26th December, 2005 – 1st January, 2006

Click on the above image to know more and help more.

Google fails here buddy

I was trying this W3C Markup validation tool and found some shocking facts..(validated for HTML 4.0 transitional standards)

“Google fails in W3C Quality standards with 51 errors”

Now you can see what happens if a Ph.D guy develops a web page 🙂 LOL. also failed this test with 19 errors passed this test…wow passed the test

The great “Open” denied to be tested 🙂 failed with 33 errors fails with 14 errors..

MSN Search has passed failed miserably with 87 errors

Hey, now Sony plays WMA

Good news is that Sony started to incorporate Windows Media Support to its coolest gadget range. Now I dont have to depend on that so called ATTRAC format.

Engadget reports that Sony has released a new firmware to support WMA.

The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe and Me

This weekend I happend to watch the much hyped The Chronicles of Narnia. I heard and read lot of stuff about this movie, especially about the money they spent on visual effects, but to be on real experience, this movie will defenetely make you feel so disappointed. I would rate this movie a 3.0/5.0 on home theatre systems, may be a 3.5 for theatre. except the perfection in animal talk. The art direction looks very very poor and lazy. If you compare the visual effects from LOTR or Harry Potter, you may not find this movie is so great in Visual effects too.

The only point what could make you happy is the performance by Georgie Henley who played Lucy Pevensie with an extrordinary talent to express emotions. Love you Georgie…you are too sweet 🙂