Microsoft tops WSJ’s World’s Best Reputations

Johnson & Johnson has lost it’s first place as a World’s most corporate reputation to Microsoft Corporation according to the latest survey done by Harris Interactive Inc for Wall Street Journal

A quick look at summary (Via Wall Street Journal)

According to WSJ, Mr. Bill Gate’s volunteer services to the man kind has boosted the public opinion of Microsoft.

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Look who is overtaking Hitler

According to a latest survey conducted by New Statesman, General Parvez Musharraf is leading the World’s Worst Dictators List pushing hitler to 4th position.

As everyone expects, dubya is leading the list 🙂

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India…and the ingredients

What makes a true “India”? a country that breaths on its rich culture, heritage and diversity in and out…If I ask this question to myself, the answer would be this…”Empowered Villages”, “Empowered Villages”, “Empowered Villages”.

There is a famous saying in Telugu (a regional major language in India)…”Graamale desaaniki pattugommalu”. That means…villages are everything for a country. This statement was made by a famous guy dated way back before independance was posessed.

This statement holds good and very much true even now. The dreams of india are built upon grameena vikas (welfare of villages) long back but never been executed successfully. A country is like a big baniyan tree. The baniyan tree makes it’s roots go across acres and live upon the resources it gets from miliions of small small child roots. These are nothing but villages for any country. A country like India where people & land are core competency requires the empowerment of villages as good as townships and metros.

Today I have visited this cool website called “”. The main initiative behind this website is to bring e-goveranance and manage the progress of a village using internet. This brings lot of transperancy and visibility to the village administration.

The first model village which was empowered by this project is “Hansdehar“, a village from Haryana. The website looks pretty cool and neat. My hearty congratulations and best wishes for the website owners and people of Hansdehar.

Coming up – Hyderabad International Airport