How to be Idle anytime on Google Talk (GTalk)

GTalk is simple. And sometime simplicity sucks you know. It doesn’t have any options on privacy. Many times you might wanted to be Idle on your  GTalk, but felt helpless. Google doesn’t seems to be updating the updated client very soon too.

Here you go for a little tool that adds a very cool option to GTalk menu “Always Idle”. gAlwaysIdle adds a menu option to your IM client so that you get your privacy back.

Download gAlwaysIdle


Personal Email Analytics, People and Attachment Management

This is one such tool, every business user would dream to have in thier Outlook. It fills most of the gaps which could be found by any serious Outlook user.

Xobni Insight is a tool/addon for Microsoft Outlook which makes it atleast 10 times productive. It does a faster email search (Can I uninstall Windows Desktop Search?), Builds a relational database on your contacts, the files and conversations. More to add…It is probably the first “Social” software built on Outlook (I don’t consider Plaxo as one :-))

Download Xobni Today to Power your Outlook

Carry your Browsing Experience to anywhere with Google Toolbar now.

I must say “Hats Off” to Google for this. Google Toolbar 5 Beta has been released with very cool features today. One of the best features is “Sync up Toolbar” feature. I have posted recently on a Google Addin for Firefox which can sync up your favourites to any computer using Google credentials. I have search for a similar add-ons for IE but failed to find one. Now this toolbar solves my problem with IE bookmark sync 🙂

Install Google Toolbar 5 Beta

One the toolbar is installed, you will be prompted something like this. If you enable this, You are ready to carry all the stuff you do on your computer to anywhere.


With new Google Bookmarks integration, Google has almost challenged bookmarking system seriously. If Google could make it’s toolbar users addictive to their bookmarking system, I am sure everything else will be done automatically.

Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista is Ready !

Yahoo has released a beta version of their messenger exclusively for Windows Vista with few native look & feel features today.

My first impression is "Cool". But It seriously lacks many features which are expected. It is no where near to the quality of Windows Live Messenger for sure. For some reason Yahoo could not deliver the full featured version in this build. Are they building this messenger right from the scratch?

I did a quick walk-through on UI…and Here it goes…

Startup : Looks a bit decent, but takes a while to start. Could be because of built in instrumentation reporting on Beta software.



Login Windows : Made sleek and smaller than non-vista version. Shows cool animation for logon process. Yahoo may replace that animation with classic smiley face expressions in future. (my wild guess :-))


Chat Windows : Not very impressive. This is not a fully powered chat windows (at least in this build). Very simple interface. Buzz option was added as a part of smilies collection (very confusing)


Coloured Windows : This is cool. A limited set of color tiles will be displayed to you in a carousal style. Grass is one of them and it’s odd.


Smiley Window: No new smilies for you. The only addition is "Buzz" smiley which has no UI but some action attached to it (looks Odd).



Adding a contact :  Very Simple compared to the classic messenger. Very neat.


Display List: Mimics Vista’s explorer list style.


Preferences window has very few features…

Bottom Line…I am impressed but not excited.

Batch Photo Uploader for Flickr

A batch photo uploader is available for best testing from Flickr Team. The UI is very neat and simple where you can define tags, safety levels and permissions on one place.


You can try this Beta version of Flickr Uploadr by downloading the setup from following location…

Flickr Uploadr Beta 2 Download

Screen Snapper – Free Screen Capture Tool (Windows Vista)

Windows Vista comes with a free screen snapshot program called “Snipping Tool“. You can find this tool under accessories of your Windows Vista start menu. Though it comes bundled with the OS, very few chances are there to know about this tool and use it. A tool which can sit right in your sidebar can be more handy that this. Screen Snapper is a solution for this requirement. It’s a very simple Windows Vista Side Bar Gadget, allows you to capture the screen in Desktop, Window, Region modes. And it’s absolutely FREE of cost.

You can download Screen Scaper from WIndows Live Gallery Page

Screen Snaper2 Screen Snaper

screen snapper3

Upload images to Flickr Automatically from a Folder

Everyone loves Flickr. But unfortunately there is no simple uploading utility available for this sweet photo sharing website. Flickr does provides some utilities, but all of these tools require manual intervention to do upload.

How about a tool which can upload photos to Flickr as soon as you save a picture to your local folder? Cool ..Isn’t it ?

Foldr Monitr is a little program that sits in your system tray and does that job for you. This tool will be very useful for bloggers who want to use lot of images in their posts but lazy to upload them to flickr. I recommend this tool to be used along with a great addin called Flickr4Writer for Windows Live Writer.


Steps to configure a better photo upload and blog mechanism

01. Install Foldr Monitr and configure it for a local folder.

02. Install Flickr4Writer (You should have Windows Live Writer installed)

03. Drop all photos in to your folder…start blogging…

04. By the time you finish blogging, your pics should be ready on Flickr.

05. Use Flickr4Writer and pull all of them from Flickr and place’em in your post.

Life is now beautiful…Thanks to better software 🙂